Beyond The Vines: Fashion Beyond Just Clothing

Sophisticated and effortless
by Jasmine Gagarin

Everyday dressing should always come with style and comfort. While trends come and go, the key to pull off an easy-dressing is a well-crafted, timeless silhouette in palettes that never go out of style. If you’re looking for effortless dressing, then look no further. Beyond The Vines, a Singaporean clothing label, is now in the Philippines.



Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting founded Beyond The Vines in 2015. It’s known for its chic and stylish designs made for the everyday girl and her daily pursuits.





Beyond The Vines started on a frustration between Rebecca and I. We weren’t getting good quality designer clothes at affordable price and with the service that we wanted. We wanted to create a brand that could provide a good holistic shopping experience



The couple functions separately in running the business. Daniel handles business development while Rebecca leads design and concept. Daniel adds, “We didn’t graduate with a degree in fashion. So, my wife just self-taught. It allows her to think out of the box, to think beyond.”



Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting, Owners



They share one mantra inspired by the Scandinavian movement, where beautiful and functional everyday objects are not only affordable to the affluent but everyone. Beyond The Vines started as an online-only store and later on opened boutiques in Singapore. It has continued to expand to Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, and now the Philippines.


Deciding On The Label’s Name



“Vines is another word for clothing. So, Beyond the Vines is beyond just clothing and beyond just transaction. We wanted to build relations with the customers — good designer clothes at an affordable price. Beyond The Vines always aims to be a wardrobe staple. We want them to transit to a weekday to a weekend, from day-to-night. The clothes are transitional. We aim to make a women’s wardrobe to help them shine inside and out. The designs are timely and classic,” Daniel explained.




Johanna Lau, Beyond The Vines Designer


These Vines Are For You


This brand is known for being straightforward, affordable, and versatile. They cater to every body type and can be worn by every woman. If you’re a fan of understated elegant ensembles with clean lines, separates with bold contours, hues in different fabrics, then Beyond The Vines is for you. The brand is also a fan of minimalist hues and ensembles. They’ll bring in limited edition pieces, including its debut unisex capsule collection, which are sure to be style staples in everyone’s closets.





Visit Beyond The Vines (BTV) at Mid-Level 2/3, Shangri-la Plaza Mall East Wing, Ortigas Center.



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