Binge Worthy Anime To Inspire Your Style

Fashion in anime is a thing?
by Ian Vill

There’s still a few more weeks to survive in the current quarantine. In the meantime, we’re all stuck indoors drifting our lives away. You could potentially do something productive, but you could also just binge anime. I’ve compiled a short list of anime to inspire your visual style.


Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss is an anime about fashion designers. It has a fairly decent story but that’s not important. The best part about this anime is its fashion sense. Being that it’s a story about fashion designers, one can already tell this is quite the stylish anime in comparison to most animes out there. Each character has their own styles and designs that reflect their personality. Miwako with her cute bubbly Lolita style is covered in pink and cute things. Isabelle embraces her glamorous femininity with flouncy hats and frilly dresses. Arashi embodies his rebellious yet serious nature with his punk aesthetic, safety pin piercings, and spiked collars.

Black Butler

Black Butler is a story set in Victorian England that follows the stylish young noble, Ciel Phantomhive, and his demon butler, Sebastian. Aside from a great plot and interesting characters, this anime has a very distinct style. As the title says, the color black is quite prevalent throughout the series. The entire anime has a gothic victorian vibe to it. If you like top hats, frilly suits, bell sleeves, oversized bows, and English clothing in general, then this anime is for you.


JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

One of the most overt-the-top animes out there, JoJo, is a fantasy comedy-action series with unconventional storytelling methods. It is both serious and comedic with style and characters that will forever be etched into your mind. The characters’ styles are so over the top it’s borderline drag. Characters with extremely masculine builds wearing more and more feminine clothing each season. One of my friends obsessing with it even said “It gets gayer every season.” I don’t know about you, but I like how that sounds.



Violet Evergarden

An anime set in late Victorian England in another world. We follow Violet, an ex-soldier turned Auto Memories Doll, as she tries to discover the meaning of the words “I love you.’ Auto Memories Dolls are transcribers who type down the thoughts of their clients with a typewriter. This anime takes some inspiration on steampunk, but never really uses too much of it. Violet herself has robotic arm prosthetics and a foldable typewriter briefcase.



The Fate Series

The Fate series is one of anime’s most diverse series with multiple installments. This anime isn’t the most stylish anime upfront, but its cast of historical characters gives variety to its wardrobe. Unique takes on historical heroes and figures are displayed in every installment. If history serves as great inspiration for your style, then this anime is for you.

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