Bretman Rock And All The Times He Rocked A Daring Outfit

This Filipino YouTuber knows how to do it right.
by STAIL Team

Bretman Rock took the internet (and the world!) by storm when he rose to fame via a funny makeup tutorial in a bathtub. Years later, this 21-year-old Filipino is now one of the most followed online celebrities on Instagram, with a whopping 12.4 million followers. He’s ventured into vlogging as well, and his YouTube following boasts 5.6 million fans. He’s even launched his own makeup collaborations with top brands like Morphe and ColourPop, and his highlighters and eyeshadow palettes are to die for.

If you follow him on his YouTube channel, you’ll know that behind all the glitz and glamour of his online personality is a doting son to his mom, a loving uncle to his niece, and a supportive brother to his sister (despite their love-hate relationship). We definitely love Bretman and adore him even more because he’s proudly Filipino.

Coachella or his at-home pole installation Bretman proves that he just doesn’t rock sickening looks but he really is the baddest!

Here are our top 5 favorite looks from this fashion and beauty guru.


And like Bretman, since we are feeling extra special today, here’s a clip for all you guys for making it this far in the article. You’re welcome!

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