Local brands from our favorite celebrities and influencers

All it takes is passion and the courage to go the extra mile.
by   STAIL.ph Team
by STAIL Team

Getting your name out there is really important when you’re in the fashion blogging scene, but getting your brand out there? That takes some guts and a lot of time! For these fashion-savvy ladies, however, all it takes is passion and the courage to go the extra mile.

Here are some brands we love that are actually owned by celebrities and fashion bloggers in the Philippines.

February Lifestyle by Kryz Uy

February Lifestyle is an online shop for earrings. Kryz actually models some of her pieces on her Instagram account. If you’re looking for a fun way to style your clothes, some funky earrings will do wonders for you!

Lluvia Swim by Kim Cruz

Kim starts her fashion career with a line of swimsuits! Lluvia Swim offers classic one-piece and bikini sets. They’re perfect for whether you’re lounging beside the swimming pool or getting a tan at the beach.

AVA Collaborations with Kim Jones and Tricia Gosingtian

Online store AVA.ph has collaborated with Kim and Tricia to create clothing lines that suit their distinct styles. If you’re a fan and want to sport their looks, then look no further! They serve chic and classy pieces that will definitely liven up your wardrobe.

Sunnies Studios by Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Bea Soriano Dee, and Eric Dee

Sunnies has gotten big in the Philippines, but who would have guessed that it was started by a bunch of friends who had an eye for fashion? Georgina, Martine, Bea, and Eric all have a passion for style—and now they want to share it with everyone!

LAHI Lifestyle – Solenn Heussaff, Vanessa Heussaff, Mia Arcenas

Incorporating a sense of nationalism into their pieces, Solenn, Vanessa, and Mia design hoodies and silk pajamas with a touch of being proudly Pinoy.

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