Chie: A Look Beyond The Controversies

The jester once laughed at, now turned queen.
by Ian Vill

All eyes on her, the netizens buzzed with laughter about her dance group. Despite being at the center of a messy fiasco and made a laughing stock by the masses, here she stands dignified with grace. She is our STAIL Icon for November, Chie Filomeno. The jester once laughed at, now turned queen.


Get to know her beyond what you see on screen and hateful comments on the internet. She is much more than the slurs said about her.



Her rise to the entertainment world was something Chie never actually expected. She started as a commercial model at the young age of 13 for easy money. One commercial a whole day would earn her quite a lot to help her family. At the age of 15, still at school, her mother invited her to audition with Star Magic. Much to her surprise, she got called back, and that’s where her career started. After all these years, she has gone from being a commercial model to something so much more than she has ever imagined. She is no longer a model, but a proud endorser.


“I started when I was 13. It was easy money. One commercial a whole day malaki na yung kita. I’ve only ever done 5 commercials my whole life. Now, I am an endorser. Makes me happy.”


Chie has a very close bond with her family. Ever since she was young, Chie and her family do everything together. Her mother and father were even there when we had this November issue’s cover shoot. This is their bonding time, she says. They show her full support in whatever she does, and she, in turn, gives her best for her parents.


When asked what her primary goal in life, Chie answered:


“I want to build a house for my parents.”



Chie is a person with immense skills. Most of you probably know her from her dancing as a member of Showtime’s dance group, GirlTrends, or GT. Despite being currently a professional dancer, Chie says she has never had proper dance lessons in her life. Despite this, it is a hobby she is passionate about, having been in a dance club since she was a kid and influenced heavily by her dad as a performer.


Dancing is not the only thing she can do, though. Chie is also a racer. She started driving at the young age of 13, stealing the car from her parents when they weren’t looking. She barely knew how to drive and almost bumped into a tree. Five years later, having learned how to drive, she tried out for the Vios Cup. They took her in and trained her. After years of training, she finally started racing two years ago.


When asked to describe her self, she says three powerful words. Chie is driven, passionate, and focused.

Whatever it is I am doing, I am focused. I never want to be mediocre in whatever I do.

Racing. Dancing. Singing. Self proclaimed banyo singer.


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