Chie Filomeno’s Fashion Inspiration: Empowerment and Authenticity

Despite being a celebrity, Chie is just like every single one of us.
by Ian Vill

There is a beautiful and fascinating feeling when getting to speak with celebrities you see on television and the internet. Being able to talk and work with them reveals the simple truth of what they are, humans, just like us. Despite being a celebrity, Chie is just like every single one of us. She is a young woman with goals, dreams, and things to say.


Having been born in Japan and lived there in the first three years of her life, she has a connection with Japanese culture. One way this manifests is her love for anime. Some of her favorite anime include Inuyasha, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Attack On Titan, and Food Wars. Some of those are my favorites too! Chie’s interest in anime, influenced her to try out cosplaying, which also affected her sartorial choices when she was a teenager.


As she grew up, though, her fashion sense also grew with her. Transitioning from Japanese fashion, she now embraces her style. What she wears and how she wears them is a perfect embodiment of who she is. When she’s not out racing, dancing, singing, rehearsing, working out, or getting ready for shoots, Chie enjoys the simple things in life. She loves to stay at home to eat, watch Netflix, and play with her six beautiful dogs.


Her idea of style also has a sense of empowerment. She quotes Kendall and Gigi as some of her fashion inspirations. When asked why, this is what she said:

The way they carry themselves is very empowering as a woman. The way they stand and walk, empowering na. When you see them you look, pero when they start speaking you listen.

Chie also mentions Anne Curtis as one of her inspirations. Chie deeply respects Anne and how she strived for her successes in the industry. The way Chie speaks about Anne shows her deep admiration for the artist. As a very driven and passionate woman, Chie aspires to experience every step of the way to success. She yearns for growth and learning in all of her experiences, just as Anne did in her career.


Having been targeted by many hateful comments in the industry with her recent GirlTrends incidents, she knows just how difficult it is to stride in the spotlight. However, this does not discourage her. As an artist, Chie stands for authenticity and being true to one’s self. Everything is a learning process, and she will continue to grow. We are sure she will shine like a bright star that she is.

No matter what you do, you can always rise up from your mistakes.


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