Cocktail Culture: A Look Behind The Bar

Mojito? Mo' Fun!
by STAIL Team

According to the modern Merriam-Webster Dictionary, A “cocktail” is “an iced drink of wine or distilled liquor mixed with flavoring ingredients.” Now that’s quite a pretty general description but reflects the modern practice of referring to almost any mixed drink as a cocktail.


While it is thought of as an American innovation, there is no clear explanation of the origin of cocktails. In fact, nobody can seem to pinpoint the moment that “cocktail” entered the alcohol drinker’s vernacular. However, it is safe to say that cocktails somehow actually got its inspiration from the punch houses and grand parties of the British during the 18th century.


But no matter how unclear the history of the cocktail is, the outcome is the same: a perfect drink and a work of art.


Compared to previous generations, bartenders tend to get more opportunities in today’s world. The biggest misconception about bartending is that it is a dead-end job or that it’s not a “real career.” Some may even say it’s just about serving drinks and alcohol. Definitely, it’s more than that. Bartending is undoubtedly an art form and a continuous learning path that never ends. It is not just about pulling pints and never has been.


To “Stimulate” has always been a primary goal of cocktails, but the real art of drink mixing has evolved through time. Bartenders have evolved beyond merely making drinks as the industry becomes more socially, environmentally, and politically conscious. In fact, with the rise of the cocktail industry, even in our country, cocktails also have received innovation, which caters not only to the elite but includes those beyond the bar.



A variant for the modern taste


Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI), the country’s market leader in distilled spirits, took the happy cocktail hour to a whole new level. The company has created different variants of flavored drinks from the brand’s famous Gin, GSM Blue. With the perfect mix of clear spirit and distinct flavors, GSM blue offers blends such as Gin Pomelo, Margarita, and Light Gin. Moreover, GSM Blue Mojito, the latest addition to the brand’s collection, is refreshing and perfect for people on-the-go.


Without the need to mix, this Mojito caters to those who are beyond the bar and gives a similar zesty punch – perfect for a friends’ night out or whenever you need that revitalizing and classic summer cocktail. GSM Blue Mojito is a mix everyone should try, especially those who are after a modern taste. Cheers to the happy hour and every cocktail aficionado would be wise to give each one of GSM Blue variants a try.


Learn more about GSM Blue’s newest flavored mix and its ambassador by watching the video below.


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