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Confessions Of A Skinny Jeans Addict

When I say addicted, I mean, I do sniff them.
by Ian Vill

I love skinny jeans. Saying that I love them is a bit of an understatement. I am obsessed with them. I am addicted if I might state. When I say addicted, I mean, I do sniff them, inhaling all of that beautiful jeans fabric. I love them so much — I wear them almost every day. It’s difficult not to wear them when all of my pants except like two pairs are all skinny jeans.


But you might be wondering. Why do I love skinny jeans so much? For a massive chunk of my life, I hated them. I hated jeans and pants in general. I found them to be so uncomfortable. They were challenging to wear and to remove. I could barely move, and it was like they were suffocating my legs. I would always wear shorts to keep my legs breathing.


Over time, though, I grew fonder of skinny jeans. Here’s why:



Skinny jeans work with pretty much any kind of shirt. Wear your jeans on their own. Wear it with a white shirt. Try it with some more striped shirts. Put on a jacket.  You can even wear your jeans with a suit, and it would still work. It’s so versatile you barely have to think of anything except for the color combinations.

Slimming Factor

Now, this is something I like. Not everyone has slim legs, and that’s fine, but for those who already have them, skinny jeans enhance your legs like magic. Get some black sets of these jeans to highlight your legs. If you have strong defined legs, then these jeans can make them stand out so you can show off those leg buns like a breeze.


Skinny Jeans Are Not Just For Skinny People

Now, if you neither have slender legs nor toned legs, but have chubby legs instead, not to worry! Skinny jeans can still work on you. You have to make sure you find the right fit for your legs. Show off those round curvy legs of yours. They’re beautiful! I know some of you might feel insecure about wearing these kinds of pants simply because you might think your legs are too big, but don’t be afraid. It’s attractive and beautiful.

skinny jeans


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