Cosmopolitan Has Its Own Fragrance And Here Are The Deets!

It's a new kind of juice!
by Mintzy Flor

Cosmopolitan just mixed something new and we’re totally curious!

Recently, the magazine launched its own fragrance. Yes, you read correctly, a fragrance that goes well with your Instagram feed.  Eau de Juice comes in a juice box packaging that is both quirky and extra. The collection comes in four high-end scents that will cater to anyone.

Unfortunately, they aren’t available (yet) in the country, but you can get them exclusively at Ulta Beauty.

According to Jessica Pels, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan US, “We call the liquid inside perfume bottles ‘juice’? Hence the name—and the damn cute packaging.” Cue in Lizzo’s song “Juice” to boost the mood!

By now, you must be wondering: Why did the magazine decide to venture into perfumes? Why not makeup or skincare products? Jessica said, “We’re enthusiastic consumers of beauty products here at Cosmo, just like you (one-third of all beauty spending in this country is done by Cosmo readers!). We also have bona fide experts among us, like our team of know-it-all beauty connoisseurs.”

We commend the team as no one expected a fragrance line that’s just really something out of the box. The scents are refreshing enough to quench our thirst. There’s Pure Sugar, a baby pink; 100% Chilled, a powder blue; Love Unfiltered, a white variant; and Extra Concentrated, a gold one.

We’re looking forward to Eau de Juice when it makes its way to the Philippines!


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