COVID: People Are Dying, Do Something About It!

Seriously. Do something.
by Ian Vill

People are dying.


You already know this, but stick with me till the end. COVID is changing the world. It is at a halt.  No matter where you are in this world or what social class you may belong to, you are also prone to the virus.


Whether you’re in the luxury of a mansion, the safety of an apartment building, or the confines of the slums, we are all affected. But to say we are affected equally is a huge offense and injustice. Being the intelligent and privileged reader that I assume you are, I am sure you are aware of how painful the struggles of some of our brethren are. Not everyone has the privilege to stay at home even if they wanted to. There are many people who make a living by earning money on the spot as they work. Many people in our country live their lives from paycheck to paycheck. These people are getting cuts on their earnings, or worse, getting unemployed. These people are struggling to survive all because our government is unable to provide the relief they require in this crisis. If they don’t die from the virus, they will die starving with the lack of aid, food, and financial support. Social distancing and quarantine is fine, if you can afford it.


On the other hand, our essential workers are fighting this disease in the frontlines whether they want to or not. These people have families of their own who are thinking of their safety. This pandemic is a war. And just like war, there are soldiers who fall in battle. Our frontliners are risking their lives to keep us all safe in order for us to survive. This is what gives us the ability to carry on our work and study at home. We can all help them by staying indoors, but how will that be possible when staying indoors also means a death sentence to starvation. How will all of this be possible when the government is unable to fulfill its duties towards its citizens. This applies not just to the Philippines, but to every country that is facing the same problem. Putting that in perspective, the problem might as well lie in every country.


Do something about it.


People are affected by this pandemic differently. People will also cope with this pandemic differently. Some will stay in comfort while others will struggle. I will not take away the pleasure and/or comfort you are feeling in the safe space of your privileged life. This is merely an eye-opener and a call to action. Share your privilege. Let someone living their days in tiny food scraps from the government have the peace of mind that they will survive the days well fed. Give our frontliners their weapons such as masks, sanitizers, and testing kits to battle this virus. If you are unable to do these things with your own hands, you can at least donate to those who can.


I will speak bluntly. The fashion industry is by far the industry filled with the most privilege. The fashion and beauty industries are luxuries reserved for those with privilege. And yet this industry is fighting the virus. Fashion and beauty brands are taking steps to combat this pandemic. Some brands are donating to hospitals, charities, and initiatives to feed the needy. Others start their own initiatives and change their production to essential equipment our frontliners need such as masks, sanitizers, and non-surgical gowns.


I don’t care if you don’t feel the gravity of this situation. All you have to do is speak up about it. If you can’t donate, then encourage those who can.


Here are some Philippine charities and initiatives for you to help fight this battle against COVID.


Modern Filipiniana


Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club


Rajo Laurel


Zalora Philippines




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