Creative Focus: This Filipino Digital Artist Calls Out The Privileged

"I want everyone to be considerate and help each other as much as we can." -Charisse
by Ian Vill

Let’s get to know Charisse Barrion, one of our amazing artists on the cover of STAIL’s April 2019 issue. Charisse is a twenty-year-old Filipino Graphic Design student currently residing in Dasmariñas, Cavite.


Despite her young age, she has already developed a style for herself. This is no surprise as ever since she was a kid, she’s always wanted to be a designer. She dabbled on fashion design, architectural design, and interior design until she finally discovered her true design calling— Graphic Design. Her style is very cartoonish, flowy and round, with soft textures. Her art style is mostly inspired by children’s books illustrations. It’s no surprise when she says she wants to be part of the children’s book industry in the near future.



Charisse has a strong mind’s eye. She is able to see an image of her final artwork before she’s even made her first digital brush stroke. She makes sure to take into consideration the body compositions and textures she will use for the artwork.

Before I start to create an artwork, I always visualize what I want my audience to see;

what message I want my audiences to absorb.



As an artist, Charisse does her best to let her audience experience the world the way she does and to have them relate to her artwork as much as possible. She uses her art to inspire and show people that there are different ways to view the world.



I want them to connect with me and be inspired through my art. I want them to know that everyone can view the world in different ways and be appreciated.




In this current COVID situation where everyone is affected, Charisse, as an artist, simply cannot stand idly by. Through STAIL as a creative platform, she urges politicians and privileged citizens to take action and consider those who are not as fortunate. She reminds us to focus on what is important, and that is to stop this virus and help one another survive and thrive through this pandemic.


We are all affected by the current situation but not all of us are in the same shoes as others. That’s why I want everyone to be considerate and help each other as much as we can. Remember, we are fighting our common enemy. The enemy is the virus, not our fellow citizens.


Charisse calls out the privileged who are taking advantage of their status and power while being inconsiderate to those who are truly in need. These people in power use their influence to have medical services prioritize them instead of the symptomatic patients who direly need attention. She not only calls out people in privilege and power, but the whole Philippine Government itself.


This can cause delay to the results of the person who badly need their test results urgently and due to the limited supply of testing kits, patients who should be tested were unable to get tested on time and this can cause the infection to get worse or worse— death.

This pandemic situation is also an eye opener for most of the people on what our Government really looks like.


She keeps an optimistic tone despite all of the chaos, but in a very relatable way. I’m sure a lot of Filipinos are doing the same thing right now. Charisse clings to her faith in these trying times.


Reading bible verses and motivational quotes really help me a lot to stay positive and see the bright future ahead of us once this pandemic end.



This young lady even gives fashion an inspirational connection during this quarantine.



We all know that fashion changes over time. It adapts a certain situation. But more importantly, Fashion is not only about apparels and clothing; it also means a manner of doing something. This means about being productive in every single way you can.



She gives a nod to the companies, fashion houses, and designers who are embodying the adaptive essence of fashion by making their quarantines more productive by creating equipment for the frontliners.



Here comes the DIY Personal Protective Equipment, face mask and face shields. As mentioned earlier, “fashion is not only about apparel and clothing”; some manufacturers suddenly switched their products into something that they can do to help fight the virus, like some automobile companies started making face shields with the material available with them. Some small sewing businesses started to produce face masks and PPEs. Filipinos are known to be resourceful in every way possible.


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