Creative Focus: This Young Creative Teaches Us How To Move Up The Digital Career Ladder

Slow things down but don’t forget to keep yourself inspired.
by Jasmine Gagarin

I recently had the opportunity to work with a very talented young artist, Chau Galliguez. She’s even younger than me. At the age of 21, she proves to us that one can be talented in many ways. We’ve collaborated on so many projects. She worked as a photographer, videographer, and also as our featured video editor. Her happy disposition will certainly make you love her. As STAIL.PH was looking for young creatives to release its latest issue, I stumbled on one of her Instagram accounts and saw how great of an artist she really is.

Get to know Chau and be mesmerized by her works through this exclusive interview with STAIL.PH.

Welcome to STAIL.PH, please tell us something about yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in digital art?

I’m Chau Galliguez, a Graphic Artist. I like drawing and sketching and I’m from Parañaque City. I got myself introduced to digital works when I was still in high school. My friend and I were just playing around photoshop and other digital software and sites to design a shirt. I also tried sketching my friends using MS Paint with just a mouse for fun, and I found it really therapeutic and interesting. When I got into college, we were required in our class to have our own pen tablet so we can be able to do our plates even at home. My tita gave me a Wacom tablet as a gift, and that’s when I started exploring digital drawing even more.



“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton


What are the most important factors in creating digital artwork?

If you’re going to create digital artwork, the most important thing is the art itself. Digital software is just a tool to communicate your idea. Also, never forget the elements of art & design to your work and the principles of art & design if you want a more powerful composition.


How did you begin making art and what influenced you, early on? Were there particular artists or projects that really inspired you?

I think I only started making art when I entered the academe of fine arts in college. Our professors would always push our creative minds to think beyond just the image, form ideas and theories, and incorporate it into art. There were particular artists that inspired me to keep going and do art, I would like to go back to my roots to answer the particular artists that inspired me. They were my professors and art mentors. The first professor was my prof since my first week in art school. I’d always place my plates underneath whenever I pass it because I don’t have that much confidence and I think he can really see that I am so frustrated with my works because I’m comparing it to my other classmates who are doing so well. I’m also one of the youngest in class and I’m still starting out but my classmates were so good at anatomy, lighting, rendering, coloring, and conceptualizing.

They were all so advanced and I feel left out. There came a point in my life that I just want to shift because of my frustration. My professor, a known visual artist kept on motivating me. He said, “yung mga classmates mo hindi naman yan pinanganak na marunong magdrawing at marunong mag color rendering. Nagpractice sila, ikaw kaya mo rin yun. Basta ipagpapatuloy mo lang”.

They also served as my critiques. They motivate me to improve my work and I think that worked so well for me. During the last few subjects of my college life, that same professor commended me for improving a lot and taking all the advice he gave. There were a lot of tough days and frustrations but our professor is generous at giving critiques and motivations. I think those experiences and people that I’m with inspired me to still create artworks up to this day





“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso


What was your early background like? Did you have formal training in fine art and technology, or did you learn another way?

I went to Philippine Women’s University and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication. The expectation is that you already know how to draw because art school doesn’t teach you how to draw. They teach you techniques, theories, mediums, history of art, provide experiences, and everything else that you need to know about art and design. But I learned photoshop and adobe premiere way earlier because of commissions and freelance.


Could you explain a bit about your creative process? When you’re making art, what do you most wish to communicate?

For my creative process, I first decide what I want to do and compose my thoughts. If applicable, I research some theories and read random articles related to what I’m thinking. I inspire myself. I scroll through Pinterest or my art accounts and early works of known artists (sometimes artists from the baroque period, renaissance, etc.), Then, I draw whatever comes to my mind on the paper that may represent what I’m thinking and transfer it to digital. Sometimes, I just go directly into digital. Whenever I feel tired, I just pause working and just get back at it after taking a break and getting more inspiration to work. When making art, I mostly communicate my ideas, my thoughts, and what I’m inspired with at that time.

Let’s talk a bit about the medium and tools you use to create your work. Is there a “most important” tool you use? If so what is it and why is it important?

I think the tools that I use were just equal, but I think having at least a pencil or a pen and a sketch notebook can be important because we don’t know when inspiration hits us, so if we have that, we can scribble our thoughts in there and draw the initial idea. But above all, having the artist mindset and vision is one of the most important tools.

“The world doesn’t need an artist who shows reality as it is.” – Marina Abramovic


How does your current artwork comment on current social or political issues?

It comments on how a man can worsen a situation by neglecting the real issues. It shows how we are doomed to suffer from those mishandlings and how the damage can be passed to the next generation.

How do you stay positive during this pandemic?

I keep myself informed, I talk to my friends, I read, I listen to good music, and consume memes from Reddit.

How will this time help in personal growth?

As someone whose just isolating at home to prevent the virus from spreading, maybe by doing some self-assessment. We have more time to reflect. For the people in general, we see this pandemic crisis as a challenge to overcome, and growth comes from challenging circumstances.



How do you think will this pandemic affect the art industry?

The artists are struggling to stay afloat because of the pandemic. Most especially those who were working in freelance or project-based and creatives who work in the events. I’ve also read on a lot of articles that museums and other arts institutions were also
struggling in this crisis (local and international).

What are you most excited about in the future?

I’m excited about learning new things outside and acquiring new experiences. I’m excited to participate in new projects and hope to do collaborations again. But in the meantime, I’m most excited about the day when we finally flattened the curve.


I hope for a better government in 2022. Sana hindi na maging bansang puro panatiko ng pulitiko ang Pilipinas. Sana mas maging sesitibo tayo at empathic sa mga naooppress at mahihirap. I hope that the filipinos are no longer exploited for being resilient in the future.
– Chau Galliguez


What can digital artists do in this current time? 

Slow things down but don’t forget to keep yourself inspired. I’ve been seeing a lot of digital artists who have been constantly producing artworks and that’s good too (I mean, let’s do whatever that keeps us sane.)

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