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Designer Focus: The Fashion Engineer

A designer who chased his dreams.
by Ian Vill

This January’s issue, “Me Me Me,” is the second part of our two-part “CHOICES” issue. It represents overcoming one’s what-ifs and discovering redemption by choosing yourself. We put forward a person who did exactly that. He succeeded in chasing after his true calling. We present to you, Bessie Besana, an engineer, turned fashion designer.



Bessie took up engineering at De La Salle University and practiced it for eight years. Despite having a steady paying job, he couldn’t resist his true calling for pageantry and fashion. He has always had an interest in pageants ever since he watched Miss World 1993. And so he jumped to be a pageant coach.


After years of working as a pageant coach, he eventually elevated himself to be the General Manager of Miss World Philippines. A crazy achievement from that young boy who only dreamed of being involved in Miss World. Despite this, he was missing something. His soul wanted something more. He wasn’t just a civil engineer or pageant coach — he was a fashion creative. So he took up studies in Slims’ Fashion Design School. Since then, he has become a complete version of himself.


He was and still is a fashion designer.

Bessie Besana, Regrets, and Dreams

As a reasonably new fashion designer, Bessie is very accomplished. He recently participated in StyleFestPH’s mentorship program and became one of the finalists of the competition. I was lucky enough to witness his StyleFest collection with my own eyes, and then to hold it for our December and January issues. It’s a rather satisfying experience.


Early in 2018, Bessie showcased his collection in New York Fashion Week. Despite these, Bessie is not complacent. He wants to be more. When asked of his biggest regret as a fashion designer, he said:

“My biggest regret is that I keep putting off attending courses from Central St. Martins in London. This has been my goal since I started in fashion. I hope that 2020 is the year that I can make this dream a reality.”

With this, we can tell Bessie has even greater dreams for fashion. In fact, he has two dreams he specifically wants to achieve.

“First, I want to be a preferred designer for weddings. This is something I am working on and so far I am on the right track. Secondly, I want to venture into RTW (ready to wear) which I will be starting this year.”


As a final word, Bessie Besana shares with us what he wants his legacy to be:

“I want to be remembered as someone who was courageous enough to follow my dreams and that is becoming a fashion designer.”

bessie besana

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