Different Faces Of Hope For The Post-Pandemic World

When will this ever end?
by Jasmine Gagarin

Everyone’s lives have been changed because of COVID-19. Pre-pandemic life is now but a dream. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions have unfortunately lost their jobs. It’s different for every part of the globe, and even more different for every household. However, we all know that right now, we don’t have the ultimate cure. Yet. Each and every country is still in need of the vaccine and researchers are racing to create one. The question is, when will we have one? Will there ever be a coronavirus vaccine?

We can only hope and keep ourselves safe. It’s different for everyone. At this time, we all hope for different things. The future is full of uncertainties and anxiety is creeping from the four corners of most people’s lives. You probably hope for a better healthcare system, a more stable job, good governance, family ties, or safety. However, a lot of people can’t afford to go past the present time and can only wish to survive another meal. When will this ever end?

Wherever you are, don’t give up. If giving up is your only option, please take comfort in knowing that there is hope. There is still time. Let’s look forward to a post-pandemic world with so much hope in our hearts. Talk to us!



STAIL.PH asked several people on hope and the following are their responses.


What do you hope for?


I hope people will have a deeper realization of the things that are most important. I hope that people will vote wisely in the next election. I hope that this will be the start of something different yet something great. I am hoping for a huge change for the better, even for the best.
Jay Jay, Tarlac

I hope for three things. The first is for unity as a nation and as a family. Second, is an appreciation for those people who suffered and affected by covid19. Lastly, is to hope that tomorrow, we can build and stand again.
AJ, Valenzuela

My post-pandemic hopes are simple. I want to go back to school and get my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.
Jen, USA

Sa pandemic diba, we learned that health is important. So hoping na after ECQ, we’ll be more health-conscious and take good care of our body. I hope that we stay connected and close to our relationships and become a community that cares for each other. I also hope that we go after what we’re passionate about.
Bee, Tarlac

I’m looking forward to a better health care system for a pandemic like this. I hope the economy gets back to normal that people will practice good hygiene.
Ronny, Bangkok

My highest hope after this pandemic is for my country to get a revolution and change the status from Kingdom to Republic! That what I’m really hoping for.


I think my post-pandemic hope is seeing my family and friends again. This pandemic made me realize how short life is and how things are really beyond our control. I am looking forward to spending days with the people I love the most.
Shara, Manila


I hope people will be more kind and grateful. Not all have been able to keep their jobs since the lockdown took effect. I hope everyone, regardless of what job they have, they’re not taking it for granted or complain about it the next time they have it again. Also, I have hopes of bringing the efficiency of the government to the next level. It’s undeniable that every government from across the world has been tested to its very extent. Seems that everyone has been caught off guard, some kept up as soon as possible, some are still recovering, and some have been hit so hard. They might want to rethink that humanity is still above all the politics they could offer. I hope for the continuous healing of the Earth. Everyone had slowed down and so are those sources of pollution you could possibly think of. I’m hoping for a healthier planet to live on, so the next generations would not clean up our mess. After all, this is the only planet humans can live and survive.
Grace, Pasig


First, I’m hoping that the attention and care for the true backbone of a working economy be provided. We’ve seen how this pandemic dented, if not froze, operations of big businesses. The weight was almost completely carried by minimum wage earners, healthcare staff, and the agricultural sector. Give them the rights and privileges they deserve. Second, we’ve seen how drastic it is to make an impact on our environment. Many have celebrated and cherished cleaner air, less-polluted waters, and loose wildlife once quarantine has been placed. We can still do something – all of us – to turn the climate crisis around, slowly, and by working together. Lastly, I’ve personally realized how much I’ve forgotten to take a break. I haven’t been going to the office, yet all these stress and tension still hasn’t let go of my mind and body. I’m tired, so I do hope after the quarantine, I have remembered how to put myself first, with no guilts or worries included.
Wrenz, Manila

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