Fashion Industry Fights The Pandemic: Physically Apart, United At Heart

There's hope beyond tomorrow.
by Jasmine Gagarin

While Covid-19 has hit every industry and has agonized the entire globe, the fashion industry is drastically receiving its ramifications. Shops have shut down, fashion weeks canceled, and most severely, people have been losing jobs. As an industry who feeds on people’s spending, it’s undoubtedly one of the most affected industries. People have been staying at home and using their resources on more important matters other than beauty and luxury.


China and Italy, two of the biggest producers in the world, are now the most limited in production since they are mostly affected by the pandemic spread.


When will this end?





This question seems to be unanswerable as of writing but we remain optimistic. Many fashion and beauty brands are responding differently to this issue. There have been brand closures which greatly had an impact on companies but most importantly, to individuals.


However, this beloved industry has not left us as the world battles with this spreading reality. Instead of regular production of signature products, major fashion houses have refocused on helping and easing this global pain. Chanel, Burberry, Uniqlo, H&M, and many other fashion brands have refocused their productions to face masks, non-surgical gowns, and personal protective equipment. Major beauty houses have pledged to produce hand sanitizers for greatly affected areas. Millions of donations have been given out and all the concerted efforts from this industry were not left unnoticed.


Even here in the Philippines, fashion designers have been showing voluntary efforts in providing face masks and PPEs for our heroic frontliners.


This is a very critical moment in our lives right now.


This Covid pandemic is shaking industries and although fashion is not an exception, this virus has been shaking it real hard. So when will this end? What is the future of fashion? No one really knows what’s exactly there for this beloved industry but one thing is for sure: we have a pandemic to address. And guess what? We’ll fight together in style. There’s hope amidst the unknown. We are all in this together – physically apart but united at heart.




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