Filipina Designer Feanne’s Art Appears In A Collection Of Wallpaper By Italian Brand Tecnografica

It's time to make over your home interiors.
by Mintzy Flor

Sometimes, it takes gorgeous wallpaper to brighten up any room.

Go for a pop of color or bold patterns. Think of it as a chance to make over a house or room.

For Filipina artist Feanne, it’s all about making a statement and art last. Known for her nature-inspired themes, some of which you’ve probably seen around, Feanne adorns scarves and resort wear with her graceful and dramatic designs.

Her work also appears as wallpaper for Tecnografica, an Italian company that produces wallpaper and decorative panels. Feanne’s six designs for the brand’s Art Collection line are inspired by the Philippines’ flora and fauna, a nod to our country’s unique culture.


The rooster is the star of Feanne’s Sabong. 

The Visayan leopard cat is found in Negros, Cebu, and Panay.

      Swimming in grace are various forms of marine life. 

Something neutral yet tropical will spice up any room.

The mix of shells and ferns makes a bold statement

Milky white migratory birds in flight

These designs are available on Tecnografica’s website. 

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