Gen Z Has A Weird Relationship With Romance

We're all clowns 🤡
by Ian Vill

Let’s face it. There is a huge problem with the way this generation is treating romance. This includes everyone in Gen Z and some people in the late millennials. This means people between the age of 15 – 25, as of this being written. It’s 2020, by the way.


In this article, I will be talking about the phases of how the new generation has reached a love-hate relationship WITH romance and relationships.


Being part of the digital generation, we grew up with the internet always in our hands. This means we have easy access to dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. The introduction of such apps has influenced our modern dating culture. Meeting new people is much easier than it used to be before the digital age. Dating apps allow us to meet specific people we may be interested in. It’s so convenient.


But with this convenience also comes a change in mindset. The ease of meeting new people makes it easier to take the people we’ve met for granted. After all, we only met them on the internet. Often, we have no further connection to these new people other than that one swipe we made on a dating app. Even when there has been a greater connection that might form a proper relationship, one small mistake can ruin it all. Ghosting is a thing. And this sucks.


This generation believes that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and there is always someone better out there for us if in case the one we have right now makes the slightest mistakes. This mindset of ease, convenience, and taking people for granted is widespread among this generation and they know it. This generation is well aware of this situation.


And this has made US very reluctant in taking on any serious relationships. We all know the risk of being ghosted. If you’ve ever been on a dating app, you’ve probably been ghosted. And you’ve probably ghosted someone yourself. As much as we want to be in a loving healthy romance, we’re all afraid. This fear has become so bad that a person showing any genuine feelings for someone can now be labeled as a “clown.” 🤡


Is it so bad for a person to strive for that love and affection that we all deserve and yearn for? The previous generation spent years courting the people they loved. And our generation can’t even handle one week of it. If the previous generation looked at all of us, we would all indeed be clowns. They would be laughing at the immense lack of commitment we have to anything, especially for romance.


And while it’s okay and totally healthy to not focus on romance if we have other goals in mind, it becomes unhealthy when one takes a totally reasonable person for granted, and then decline the obvious opportunity for love. In my eyes the true clowns are those who can not see and appreciate genuine feelings of love and romance. We’ve become blind. And I hope we all fix this because we Gen Zs are all aware of this problem.


Take the chance. Be a clown. Love someone. Risk that commitment rather than regretting not doing anything about it.


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