Glamping, Anyone? Check Into A Dome-Shaped Tent Fitted With The Comforts Of Home

Commune with nature while enjoying city-living luxuries. 
by STAIL Team

We’d all kill for some time off from work, even just for a day. Escape your horrible boss, those strict deadlines, and most of all, get the chance to breathe. Next time you find yourself with a day or two to spare, take a trip to Nasugbu, Batangas, where a charming spot in a 1.5-hectare property lets you relax and leave your worries behind.

Domescape is the first dome-glamping site in the Philippines.  A combination of the words “glam” and “camping,” glamping is a chic and comfortable way of roughing it. It involves a nice tent with a bed  or mattress, appliances, air-conditioning, and other luxuries not found in traditional camping grounds.

Among the glamping sites in the Philippines, Domescape stands out for its Instagram-worthy and chill kind of vibe.

Do take note that Domescape is not for sale; rather, you can rent one at Airbnb. For the price of Php 7,500 a night, you can spend time with your friends, family, and lovers for a day or night of enjoyment and full-on relaxation by the great outdoors.

It’s an ideal retreat as Batangas is only three hours aways from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. You’ll never be bored as the property also features hammocks and individual swimming pools for each dome-like tent.

Each dome is spacious (6 meters in diameter, meters in height) and fitted with comfortable beds, mini fridge, coffee-making facilities, microwave oven, and lounge area with generous views of the outdoors. 

One tent can accommodate anywhere from two to six people. As for food, the domes includes a kitchen  where you can cook.

If you’re ready to release the inner girl scout in you, let Domescape be your haven.

Images are from Domescape’s Airbnb.



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