Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky As Butter, Pandesal, And Taho: Meet Three Of The Most Experimental Bartenders

Bigger, better, and more experimentation awaits!
by Mintzy Flor

The world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky, Glenfiddich recently wrapped up its second edition of the World’s Most Experimental Bartender at Whitespace Manila. The competition, which was launched in the Philippines last year, started in 2016 and has been organized annually in the US, UK, India, Dubai, and Spain. The competition requires bartenders to mix a drink using Glenfiddich Scotch in the most unique way possible. Often, these creations are a result of a collaboration between a bartender and professionals from various fields–from scientists and chefs to carpenters, musicians, architects, and engineers.

In Manila this year, nine bartenders and their collaborators presented out-of-the-ordinary ways to serve Glenfiddich. Guests sampled the creations and casted their ballots. From the votes, three pairs stood out.

Katrin May “Kate” Osmillo (Head Bartender of Oto) and Fonso Sotero (Owner and Pastry Chef of Lampara)

The duo incorporated the Glendfiddich 12  in their own version of amuse-bouche, which they named  Roasted Malt Ball, Soaked Munchkin, and the Highball Rock.

Faye Fernando (Bartended, Cove Manila) and James Llamera (Research and Development, EDSA Beverage Design Group)

The duo used Glenfiddich 12 to create an old-fashioned taho. The whisky-infused street food served as the base for mango kombucha and coffee kombucha.

 John Lorenzo Luna (Bartender, Run Rabbit Run) and Don Carpio (Freelance Baker/Pastry Chef)

The pair did a classic Filipino breakfast consisting of malt barley sourdough pandesal, whisky butter, apple whisky jam, and a highball cocktail using fat washed Glenfiddich 12, apple jam, and dark chocolate.

A national finals on August 27 will announce the pair that will represent the Philippines in an international competition in Glasgow, Scotland, this November.


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