Hair Comb Trend Alert From Tory Burch Spring 2020

Lady Di inspired hair trend is back!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Hair clips, hairbands, hair scrunchies — these are some of the hair accessory trends we’ve been all over for the past months. You might be wondering what’s next. Well, hair comb has arrived fresh from the runways of New York!


With the rise of vastly famous fashion bloggers and influencers, it’s always thrilling to see how fashion trends rise and become incredibly contagious within the next few months. We have seen a lot of street styles from the on-going New York Fashion Week and we can’t deny that everyone is looking oh so glamorous! One thing that caught our eye includes the newest collection of Tory Burch.




Tory Burch’s latest collection was inspired by the classic Diana Spencer. Even after a few decades, her fashion influence remains and is seen throughout different collections and runways. The designer’s new line consists of different 1980s elements such as florals, polka dots, silky pants, embroideries, and pouf sleeves.



“Like Diana, I wanted to tread carefully with the ‘80s, because that’s not where I go naturally from a design standpoint. But it felt very fresh and I wanted to reference some of the shapes and some of the shirring and the polka-dots. For me, it was really fun to find that balance of how to reference Diana and the ‘80s and English gardens, but not be so over-the-top literal.”, Birch told Holywood Reporter.


Photo: Slaven Vlasic




Burch really admires Diana’s fashion sense. In an interview with Vogue, she said, “I admire strong women and the fearlessness women have to embrace. That’s something I support.”


The Spring 2020 collection looks very dainty. This is her take on the classic 80’s dressing and she didn’t disappoint. To up the look, Tory put sneakers in her models and added the classic hair comb influenced by Diana. We are eyeing this upcoming trend and we are excited!



Photo from Pinterest


Here’s the classic fashion icon wearing the look – very clean and chic! The hair combs were in pastel colors which adds up to that classic updo look.



This models walk the runway with the Lady Di inspired hair accessory. The designer looks up to the classic influencer and is fascinated by Diana’s style since she was a kid. Moreover, she took cues from her and set it in the runway.


Photo from: Getty Images



Photo courtesy of Getty Images



Image courtesy of Celia Ellenberg

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