Here’s One Question Kyline Wished People Would Ask Her

Plus more style and beauty tips!
by STAIL Team

Celebrities have pretty hectic schedules. From mall shows to tapings and endless interviews in between, it’ll be such a blessing to have that much-needed “me” time. From the waves of interview questions thrown at her, STAIL Icon Kyline Alcantara just wishes to be asked a sometimes forgotten question from time to time.


Are you okay?

Such a simple question, right? According to Kyline, she can’t remember the last time she was asked this. 


“It’s normal to ask this if a person really looks like she’s okay but during the time that we have now, I really appreciate whenever people check on me and simply drop by my inbox just to ask me if I’m okay. A simple gesture but really speaks so much volume. And, if you’ll be asked with this, there’s nothing wrong in saying “I’m not okay.” It’s okay not to be okay. It’s healthy to voice your true feelings,” says Kyline. 


Many are not okay with what’s happening right now and it’s completely normal and that’s not a sign of weakness. Rather, a sign of courage and bravery that you faced your feelings and that you’re working on it. 

Let’s ask someone today if they’re okay and you’ll be surprised at their replies.


STAIL.PH also had an exclusive interview with Kyline where she answered your most asked beauty and stail questions. READ ON!


How do you maintain your clear skin?

Less is always better. Drink more water too!

What’s your skincare routine like?

It is always important that I clean my face before going to sleep. So for me, I just wash my face with a hypoallergenic cleanser but before that, I always make sure to remove all my makeup first with the use of hypoallergenic wipes because I have sensitive skin.

What are your must-have right now?

Alcohol, mask, blush on, and lipstick

How about your hair? How do you take care of it?

I’m also using hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner since our hair touches our faces a lot.  Also, it’s important that you know also what you put in your hair because it might be a factor why you’re having acne in some areas.

If you’re going out for a night and you’re doing your own makeup, what’s your go-to look?

If it’s a night out, make sure to have dramatic eyes. Be it smokey or glittery, it’s okay! Just make sure your eyes will be the star of your face.

With your busy schedule, how do you make sure that you keep yourself healthy and active?

Discipline. That’s all it takes.

Do you workout?

Yes, whenever the schedule permits me.

What products do you use that you can’t live without?

Cetaphil wipes. My forever holy grail.


To be beautiful is to be yourself.

Describe your style.

I’m such a laid back person. I dress for comfort most of the time.

On a normal day, what would you wear?

A simple shirt, good pair of jeans, and my white chucks then I’m good to go. Told you, I dress for comfort!

What’s your style must-haves?

Good pair of jeans and Chuck Taylor. I swear by it.

Who is your style inspiration?

Zendaya and Kaia Gerber

Comfort or style?
Most of the time it’s just really comfort. But, sometimes it’s always fun to dress up for style and be glammed.

What do you think about freedom when it comes to style?

I’m all for it. We all have our different styles and inspirations but at the end of the day, you do you, girl! Wear what makes your heart happy and you’ll be comfortable with it.

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