Here’s The Thing: Crop Tops Are For Men Too

Could you pull it off? 
by Jove Moya

Photo courtesy of Glamour


Over the years, a huge number of brands have adopted more forward-thinking viewpoints in fashion. Gender-fluid pieces, for instance, began dominating local boutiques, red carpets, and even magazine covers.

Just a few months back, online fashion brand ASOS debunked the idea that crop tops weren’t designed for men by churning out a wide assortment of cropped and tube tops specifically for the male species. Now guys can go out in tops with their midriffs showing.

The crop top fad slowly infiltrated the fashion industry in the 1970s when the hippie movement popularized the au naturel look. During this era, women were often seen wearing knotted blouses over high-waisted skirts or jeans.



Image source: Arnold Zwicky’s blog 



In the ’80s, the late great singer Prince notably sported crop tops that revealed toned abs.

With all the throwbacks to ’90s trends right now, this old-time favorite’s comeback was inevitable.

ASOS under fire 

Image source: Metro UK



The apparel’s brazen move to release the crop top for men drew so much flak on social media, one netizen tweeted “I give up” with a photo showing the Reclaimed Vintage bandeau in black.

ASOS was fast to reply with a tweet saying they were breaking fashion norms.




The sexist culture has become so suffocating that clothes, accessories, and even values are characterized by gender. What do you feel about these new items from ASOS?

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