Barbie Forteza

Here’s Why Barbie Forteza Keeps Her Tears To Herself

It’s all about accepting the fact, accepting the situation and handling it with grace.
by Ian Vill

This March is Women’s Month. We at STAIL want to take this opportunity to focus on a specific strength women possess, handling their emotions. Our STAIL Icon Barbie Forteza is an example of someone who understands emotions. She is an actress, after all. She’s been an actress for an entire decade, having started all the way back in the late 2000s. Mastering, understanding, and evoking emotions is part of her job.


One can see a wide range of emotions Barbie displays in her TV performances. Now, let’s look at her emotions beyond the screen.


Starting with the one thing that makes us all feel strong emotions, we asked her about love. Barbie is in a publicly known relationship with fellow actor, Jak Roberto. Barbie shares that every time she is asked the question “What is love?” her answer changes. This time, she says love is all about understanding and adjusting to your partner’s needs.



Love is learning how to compromise. Kasi pag sinabing love, it’s not always butterflies and good moments.

-Barbie Forteza




She shares that relationships will always have bumps and misunderstandings. Compromise and understanding are something that helps keep relationships healthy.


Compromise, ibig sabihin pag mainit ang ulo niyong dalawa, wag magsabay. Magbigay ka.



Barbie also told us the one thing that gives her the strongest kinds of emotions. It might not be what you expect. This one thing gives her butterflies, excitement, nervousness, disappointments, pride, and satisfaction.





Yun yung pinaka nagpapakilig pag nagawa ko yung trabaho ko ng maayos.

Yun yung nagbibigay ng greatest disappointments.





Barbie is a very happy person. Down to earth and true to herself. She doesn’t hold back just because she is an actress or a celebrity. She speaks her mind, honest and unfiltered.


Jolly. Very animated. Very cartoon minsan. Life of the party. Happiness. More on the happy side yung emotions ko.





As happy and jolly as Barbie may be most of the time, life isn’t always like this and she is aware of it. In times of great sadness or pain, she faces her emotions bravely. Alone and head-on. Barbie Forteza believes in maturity when handling great emotions.


Para sakin nakocontrol natin yung emotions natin kung magiging mature tayo sa mga bagay-bagay.

Kasi hindi naman talaga natin magagawan nang paraan lahat ng bagay, lahat ng situation, yung sarili lang natin. How to deal with it. Kung paano natin ihahandle yung pressure with grace.

Barbie Forteza




Barbie knows how to cope when she experiences these downward emotions. When feeling the need to cry or release her emotions, she retreats to her safe place – her room. This is where she can do anything she wants. She can relax and stay in pajamas all day. But there, she is also free to cry. As fun, happy, and honest Barbie is, she likes to keep her tears hidden as much as possible. Her struggles are for her. Her pain is for her. It is not anyone else’s business.


Hangga’t kaya ko, hindi ko pinapakita sa kanila yung mga tears ko kasi masyado ko na siyang ginagawa sa TV. Ayaw ko na isipin nila na “Ah artista lang yan kaya umiiyak yan.”

Siyempre tao rin naman ako eh nadidisappoint din ako. Ang dami kong failures sa buhay. Ang dami kong disappointments, mga rejections na saakin hindi naman yun business ng ibang tao para itweet ko pa or ipost ko pa.

Barbie Forteza



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