Here’s Why You Need These Backpacks For Your Daily Grind

Get it for your back!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Yes, we’re talking about backpacks. I wasn’t always a fan of one. Although I used to carry one with me from elementary to mid-high school, I’ve always opted to use handbags and shoulder bags to fit all my stuff. I’m pretty sure most of us have at least one backpack at home. The past few years have made me realized the importance of these efficient bags.


Truthfully, backpacks are very significant. If there’s one thing that’s so important to the success of your travels, that would be this bag. You wouldn’t want to travel with so much stuff in your hand. Moreover, this bag can help accumulate all the necessary things you need on a daily. The use of these particular purses also applies in school, college, or professional life.


One health benefit of this bag is that it distributes the weight of it across your shoulders and spine. It’s good for posture as long as it fits you perfectly. With modern innovations and updates on fashion, there are now a lot of styles when it comes to backpacks from different colors, sizes, and also, prices.


If you’re looking for the perfect backpack, check these styles and shops out!




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Fun fact: these bags were initially made to help Swedish kids with their posture. This brand offers different styles in different colors. In fact, they offer it in different sizes too! These bags are also called “Kankens,” which means to carry. This design is one of the most lightweight and versatile backpacks in the market. Some Kankens have padded laptop compartments too. With that, it’s perfect for school or work!


Anello AT-C3161 Backpack



Photo from Brands


What’s good about Anello is that they keep on making these stylish designs perfect for every occasion. It’s from a Japanese company selling backpacks and had been in Asia’s bag craze list in recent years. These bags are durable and very fashunnn!

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Light Backpack



Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Herschel bags now come in different styles, colors, and prints. The style above is excellent for everyday use. It’s very lightweight and has a padded laptop sleeve. It also has an internal media pocket and headphone port. For extra comfort, the shoulder straps are also contoured.

Everlane The Packable Backpack


Image by Everlane


This nylon backpack is very travel-friendly and folds into its front pocket. It fits easily into other bags and luggage too. It has extra interior pockets and can fit your laptop!

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