How To Date Yourself On Valentine’s Day

How are you spending your singles day?
by Ian Vill

Are you one of the hot singles this Valentines that doesn’t have a date? Fret not, because you can always date yourself! Enjoying oneself isn’t really about the company, it’s about your own mindset to actually have fun and appreciate things. We’ve made a list of the things you can do to treat yourself with all the love you deserve this valentines day.


Give yourself the love you deserve!


Netflix & Chill Yourself

Couples tend to “Netflix and Chill” if you know what I mean. But what’s stopping you from doing it yourself? Instead of doing “Netflix and Chill,” you could genuinely be chilling in your room eating ice cream, cuddled by pillows, and enjoying a movie.



Go To The Cinemas

If you don’t wanna be in the comfort of your own bed/room/house and somehow wants to actually go outside (why would you even?!). You could always go to the movies. Everyone goes on movie dates, but it’s such a non-social act. You go to the cinemas to watch a movie, not to chit-chat with your partner or do other things.



Samgyupsal or Korean Barbecue has become a real trend in the Philippines. It’s literally everywhere. Although it’s mostly considered a family/group/couple thing, you can always do it on your own. Imagine having ALL of that unlimited beef and pork for yourself.


Hit The Gym

Working out is self-love. It’s very important to stay healthy and keep yourself in shape. What better way to spend valentines than to give the love your body actually needs?



Go Shopping

Treat yourself! Get that bag you always wanted. Grab those shoes you’ve been eyeing for months. Relish in the fact that you can do anything and get anything you want.


Grab Yourself A Friend

Doing things on your own is great and all, but if you’re an extreme extrovert and really need some company, then get a friend. Valentines day is about love, not just about romance but also about platonic love that you should really try to appreciate (if you haven’t already).


Photo by @cathygonzaga and @fifthsolomon

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