Staying At Home? This Is How To Make The Most Of Your “Reset Day”

You deserve a break, you deserve a pat on the back. 
by Mintzy Flor

Stuck in a rut? Got writer’s block? Stressed as fuck? Perhaps you need a vacation. We all do! Go to a place where you can throw your worries away and avoid using your gadgets. Take control of your own time and eat anything you want. Living in the corporate world can be draining, and going out of the city is the solution. If you’re unsure of what to do, here are some ways to make most of your “Reset Day.”


Wait. You must be thinking, what exactly is a Reset Day? It’s a day made for pampering and relaxation, when you can just leave all the worries, the stress, the anger, all negative emotions down the drain. Sounds great, right? Let’s move forward.

Explore Me Time



You’re always surrounded by your friends, peers, workmates, and family. It’s time to spend time with yourself. Go on a road trip alone or stay at home and read a book. Listen to happy music, watch a movie, or binge-watch a series. The possibilities are endless. As long as you find peace and pleasure in the things that you’re doing, then you’re good.


Rest, Sleep, Hibernate



With great power comes…lack of sleep. Eight hours in front of the computer screen, meetings, and late-night messages from your boss who doesn’t know what a personal life is: We tend to overwork ourselves, that we ignore sleep and the hours of serenity in our bed. Just this once, focus on sleeping: cuddle with your pillow and blanket and dream away.

Practice Positive Affirmations



Stand in front of a mirror. Now, look at yourself. Tell yourself you are a beautiful, sexy beast. Repeat that multiple times until you feel confident. With the fast-moving world, we forget how to love and truly appreciate ourselves. It only takes a few minutes to say good things about you, complement your strengths, and improve your weaknesses.

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