How To Rock A Pantsuit, According To Glaiza de Castro

This katipunerang milenyal knows how to do it right.
by STAIL Team

Katipunerang milenyal is what Glaiza de Castro’s Instagram bio says, but for the general public, she is known as that versatile actress whose acting chops are nothing short of great. She landed roles in various TV and movie genres–from afternoon dramas where she is a revenge-hungry protagonist, a sang’gre in the fantasy drama Encantadia, and most recently, a militant mother in the award-winning movie Liway. She’s a famous actress, worthy of all the awards and recognition that she receives, and she’s always proved that she is not just a pretty face.



Her everyday looks are relaxed, leading lady-off-the-job outfits, but she never fails to slay in the fashion department. She’s into a lot of pantsuits, proving that femininity comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favorite fashion moments:


Gingham never looked this good


While a lot of people opt for a coordinated suit and pants, Glaiza chose to take a different route by pairing this long black-and-white gingham coat with green high-waisted pants–an odd combination that worked perfectly for her Japan trip.



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Yaay kitori 😋

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Golden girl



Glaiza wore this golden pinstriped pantsuit when she received her Best Actress award at the 8th Eduk Circle Awards. She’s definitely a shining star!



Girl in black



By this time, we already know that wearing a black pantsuit with a small pop of color is a surefire edgy look, but seeing Glaiza doesn’t stop us from fawning over this look. And her pixie cut just added a whole new level of edginess!



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Flower power


Pastel pink flared pants and a floral top? Color me impressed. This outfit screams, “I’m a lady, but I can also kick your ass.”



Red alert



In true Glaiza fashion, she donned this all-red outfit with unparalleled confidence and swag, and we’re definitely in love.



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Last nite @styledbydarylmaat

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