Indulge in the Power of Nature With Cream Silk’s Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner

For hair that blooms with life!
by STAIL Team

Cream Silk has always been part of the daily lives of every Filipina. With so many variants available, it has made a respected name and has addressed every hair condition. Now more than ever, Filipinas are looking to nature to find the beauty solutions they need. However, it can be difficult to find a product that gives the best of both worlds – the potent results that can be created by technology, with the trusted tender care our natural surroundings can give.


Natural Ingredients



“We recently realized that there was another hair care need of Filipinas that Cream Silk needed to address. And that is how to solve the problem of severely dry and lifeless hair through the use of natural ingredients,” says Jerika Vilan, Senior Assistant Brand Manager – Cream Silk Philippines.


Harnessing the power of nature, Cream Silk unveils its first-ever conditioner inspired by the best that Mother Earth has to offer: Cream Silk Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner. The country’s #1 haircare brand combines its signature moisturizing technology with organic balms and luxurious natural oils in one product, for naturally luscious hair that blooms with life.


Rich Moisture and Rich Lustre




Infused with Cream Silk’s advanced technology, Cream Silk Organic Powerfusion is also fortified with natural ingredients and tested and loved by Filipinas. Its two variants, Rich Moisture and Rich Lustre are made with balms, which are known to moisturize dry surfaces, and oils, which are known to add shine and lustre. These also lock in hydration and smoothen hair from the root, protecting it from external elements and further damage.


  • The Rich Moisture Ultra Conditioner uses shea balm, rose oil, and hibiscus and honeysuckle extracts to smoothen dry and coarse hair, and strengthen it as it grows.
  • The Rich Lustre Ultra Conditioner is created with almond nut balm, cinnamon leaf oils, and bamboo and aloe extracts, to add shine and smoothness to fortified hair.


Both the Rich Moisture and Rich Lustre Ultra Conditioners are created with sunflower seed oil, which naturally penetrates hair at the root, to nourish each strand from within. Each bottle contains the most potent organic ingredients and is formulated with Cream Silk’s rich conditioning, offering no compromise between science and nature to give Filipinas the lusciousness and richness their hair needs.



When they described it as “richness of nature”, it really does live up to it. You could really feel how rich and heavy the conditioner is on your palm but the true test of this conditioner is how my hair looks and feels after I use it.
Heart Evangelista


With the new Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner, Filipinas can indulge in the power of nature and discover lusciously beautiful and nourished hair like never before.

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