They’re Miranda Approved! Three Of Our Favorite Anne Hathaway Outfits From The Devil Wears Prada

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by STAIL Team

In 2006, fashionistas from all around the world trooped to movie theaters to watch The Devil Wears Prada, the movie version based on the book by Lauren Weisberger.

Directed by David Frankel, it’s about fresh-out-of-college Andrea “Andy” Sachs (Anne Hathaway) who aspires to be a journalist yet lands a job at Runway, New York City’s most prestigious fashion magazine. Despite her shallow knowledge of fashion, Andy is hired as a personal assistant to editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep).

STAIL.PH recalls three of the best outfits to come out of that blockbuster movie–all worn by Anne Hathaway.

Andy’s “Yes It’s Me” Outfit

Image courtesy of E! News 

From ugly duckling to a fashionable, boot-wearing swan! Andy’s makeover is care of Runway magazine art director Nigel (Stanley Tucci). It’s a look that made her fellow assistant Emily’s (Emily Blunt) jaw drop.

The “Paris Outfit”

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

YES! Andy makes it to Paris in this rich brown ensemble, impressing Miranda and her colleagues! Let’s talk about the bag accented in fur!

The “Goodbye, Miranda!” Outfit

Image courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Throughout the movie, Andy has learned a lot of things–among them, learning how to prioritize, and learning who to trust. In her black dress with short sleeves, Andy tosses her phone in this fountain, signifying her cutting ties with Runway magazine.


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