Gold Goes Hand In Hand With Jewelmer And Herald Suites

by Mintzy Flor

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient Seas, is filled with natural treasures. Among them is the South Sea pearl.

Pearls have been a status symbol for the rich and famous, and those who have them wear them with confidence and pride. 

Since its founding 40 years ago  Jewelmer has created some of the most breathtaking jewelry collections highlighted by the finest golden South Sea pearls.  As there is no perfect pearl, each one possesses a unique beauty and shade of its own, a quality that artisans and craftsmen workaround to produce stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.


Besides producing golden South Sea pearls, Jewelmer is known for its commitment to caring for the environment.  Its Save Palawan Seas Foundation provides partner communities with organic farming, bee keeping, and tree planting initiatives, thus giving them opportunities to earn while preserving their surroundings. 

This brand showcases the best of what the Philippines can offer the world and Stail.PH was fortunate enough to see some of its gorgeous creations up close. 

Bollicine is a collection filled with gold, diamonds, and South Sea pearls, endowed with a sense of fragility and wonder that makes them a sheer delight to wear. C’est La Vie is where vibrant colors emerge, swirled into gems for a bold statement.

Inspired by the foam that forms in the water, the color of triumphant skies, and the colorful beings playing in the water’s secret world, La Mer en Majesté screams mermaid dreams. And Jewelmer’s Cruise collection embodies the thrill and ease of exploration. 

Austrian-born dancer, actress, and artist Tilly Losch believed in this simple recipe: Always have a good little black dress, pearls, and stay in the best hotel, even if you can only have the worse room.


At Herald Suites, a boutique hotel known for its old-world charm, distinct air of heritage and culture, and gracious service, there is no such thing as a worse room. Founded in 1997, the business and leisure hotel has branches along Chino Roces Avenue, Polaris Street, and Solana Street, all in bustling Makati City.

Herald Suites is a triad of business and leisure hotels in Makati City


Herald Suites employees wear Filipino Pride

Intricate machuca tiles are a trademark of all Herald Suites branches. 

Located just across Little Tokyo (a complex of restaurants, bars, groceries, stores, and services), Herald Suites on Chino Roces Avenue invites patrons to meet up for coffee and conversation at its Coca Cafe, authentic Japanese cuisine at its Hatsu Hana-Tei, and after-office drinks at its Meridian Lounge. 






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