Julie Anne San Jose: A Rose That Never Wilts

They say stars are born, but Julie Anne's talent and wisdom made her one.
by Mark Baccay

In a landscape of ultra-polished female pop stars, Julie Anne San Jose’s unvarnished authenticity — from her vocals to her artistry — is refreshing. One glance at Asia’s Pop Diva, and you’ll agree that she was born to break barriers.

Her story, after all, isn’t exactly what you’d call “perfect” for the most part. Well, she, like many of us, didn’t have it easy. Julie had her fair share of ups and downs. From rejections, inner battles, and insecurities, to becoming an award-winning singer, Julie Anne San Jose’s story shows an artist’s struggles and coming back with one of the most beautiful voices of our generation.


During her exclusive interview with STAIL.PH, Julie Anne shared how she started her career.

“It was actually my Lola’s idea. She was the one who persuaded me to become a singer or like an artist someday. I’m very happy because I’m sort of fulfilling her dreams for me.”

It has been quite a journey for the young artist since her first appearance on television. The little Julie Anne was first seen on TV back in 1998 when she won as first-runner up title during the hit noontime show segment, Little Miss Philippines. Julie Anne began her rise to fame in 2005 on the televised singing competition, Popstar Kids. Though she was not a finalist, she continued to perform throughout the competition’s spinoff, Sugarpop and from there, Party Pilipinas where Julie began performing as a solo artist.

Like a rose that never wilts, San Jose is now a recipient of the “Diamond Record Award” from the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. Julie Anne’s first self-titled album sold more than 150,000 units across the country. Her next album entitled “Deeper” gave her a Triple Platinum Award for reaching sales of more than 45,000 units in the Philippines.

 “I really like writing. Not necessary like compositions but I write my thoughts every day. I like poetry and sometimes I turn them into songs ”


They say the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. This is how Julie Anne lives her life and color every page of her life’s journal that soon became her inspiration for her songs.


Her words and melody mirrors her life and artistry. It’s her way of telling her story and a gate pass to her soul.


“When you’re an artist it’s like you don’t get tired or bored of innovating yourself when it comes to your craft. So, it’s really important to keep learning and you keep doing new stuff and inspire more people through your music. ”


The simple formula for finding your style is to take inspiration from the outside world then twist and shape it into something uniquely you. Julie Anne San Jose’s current domination is the result of a slow and steady ascent. It’s a combination of hits and misses and guts to venture into different genres to find her sound and make these inspirations her own.

As an artist, writing about life is hard, and writing about your personal experiences is even harder. Julie Anne bears the title of Asia’s Pop Diva, but don’t let the sweet name fool you. She is a brave young woman that is in control of her life and artistry, a woman of wisdom and the master of her craft. She believes that every artist should own their art because it’s a part of who they are and what they are as a person.



“I am happy, but I also believe that there’s a lot more in store for me in the future. Because I would love to learn more. I would love to explore and innovate myself even more. I just like to develop my capabilities. There’s always room for improvement. ”


From her humble beginnings to her success, Julie Anne never failed to keep her feet on the ground. The gratitude that she has for the people that helped her from the beginning remains and never flustered.

With all of her success and glory, she seeks to become more and bigger than herself today. Julie Anne is tough to miss in the crowd. She is an artist who can stand on her own. A beautiful example of not playing it safe when it comes to pursuing something you love.










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