Kisses Delavin Shares Advice On Self-Love And Dealing With Pressure

Kisses has a lot to say when it comes to dealing with pressures and expectations from people.
by Ian Vill

February is the month of love. As cliché as this may be, we at STAIL.PH acknowledge it to be a fact already rooted in our modern culture. But this time, we will focus on a love that stems from one’s self-respect and dignity, self-love. Self-love in a sense of doing what you want to do, not because of other people’s expectations, but because you want to and you can. Our sweetest STAIL Icon ever, Kisses Delavin, shares with us her thoughts on these topics and her own definition of self-love.


Let me tell you right now, this girl has a lot of things to say and advice to give.



Kisses is undeniably one of the sweetest celebrities I’ve ever met. Sweet, bubbly, and the living definition of self-love in a sense of understanding who she is at the moment. She describes herself with no second thought saying exactly what she wants. Right. Now.

I am an actress, I also sing from time to time. I’m dreaming of vacation right now.


Despite the unhesitant statement of what she wants, there is no air of supremacy. She is saying it in her most genuine form. She really does want to go on vacation.







Kisses shows her self-love by truly understanding herself. She describes herself as confident. As a celebrity, this is a genuine must-have — being constantly surrounded by people and standing in front of the camera. She also describes herself as sweet.



I think sweet kasi they say na who you are is kung walang camera, and if there are no cameras ganun ako.






Most importantly, she is courageous. Being in showbiz is tough. So many expectations, pressures, and challenges to conquer.



I think I’m always full of courage. Kasi ang daming challenges sa showbiz life. Especially now na I moved to another management. It’s like a whole new beginning for me. Sabi nga ng mga tao, bakit daw ako lumipat eh ang ganda ng career ko. While ngayon it’s such a challenge for me pero I’m so excited to conquer this challenge.





Kisses braves all the challenges thrown at her, especially now that she’s moved to a new management. When asked about her decision of moving, one can tell that this young lady truly follows her heart and she does things because she wants to and she can.


“I think I want to explore more kasi in showbiz, you can’t just be confined in a box. I think you have to explore more and follow where your heart wants to go.”






As someone who understands herself well, it is clear that Kisses pays attention to herself and what she wants. She embodies self-love in self-awareness and understanding. With this, she shares with us her perception and definition of what self-love truly means. One piece of advice is to identify the people who truly love you. For as Kisses Delavin says,


There are many people who are going to say they love you, BUT only believe those who truly do. Not those who say so. If you start listening to the people who love you, you will always make the right decisions.




Seeking out the right people at the right times is a form of self-love. This is a form of understanding the important things in your life. But even for those who feel like no one loves them, Kisses still has advice.



I’m sure there are a lot of people who think they have no one who loves them. For me, I think one thing to do is be so good that all those people who didn’t love you will regret not doing so.




One form of self-love is treating yourself and spending some well-deserved me-time. Kisses is honest about her struggle to find time for herself. She’s a busy girl with many projects to work on.



I rarely have one [me time] these days. Kasi marami akong ginagawa. pero that’s a good thing. Pero yung me-time ko, I think December lang. Vacation ang December.

I’m rarely by myself, I’m always with people.






Even when she does find time to be alone, Kisses still struggles to enjoy and relish in the leisures of me-time. When she’s not busy she watches movies and cartoons, but most of the time she centers herself on her studies. In fact, she values it so much she is willing to sacrifice the rest provided by me-time to instead focus on her studies.


Yung me-time ko hindi talaga siya fully leisure. Hindi siya free time. Parang I have no free time these days. Kasi I have school eh. It’s either I have taping or I have a guesting, or I have school work to do.

Pero for me, I think it’s really good to have education even though I’m in showbiz.


I do believe that her focus on studies is still considered me-time because she is improving herself and giving herself the education she deserves.





Kisses Delavin has a lot to say when it comes to dealing with pressures and expectations from people. She handles them with grace and ease supported by a strong mindset focused on gratitude. She can’t be bothered by the pressure when she’s looking at all of the beautiful things she has out of it.


Before I always listened to everyone’s expectations and pressure.

Parang naiisip ko lately ang daming artista in the world and if 99% of them are sad because of expectations and pressure, I wanna be the 1% who just enjoys herself because she’s living the good life.





Here we finally reach self-love in a sense of readiness. Kisses believes readiness is now and always. She gives us the advice to take the plunge. Just do it. This might be easy to dismiss as mere sayings coming from a confident celebrity with the world on her hands, but she shares with us how she was able to attain this confidence.


Before joining a pageant when I was 17 yars old I felt like I was chubby, I was not ready. Pero then I read a quote that said
‘When you’re not ready, that’s the time you should go for it.’

And I realized na when your heart and mind says no you’re not ready” don’t listen to that. Tell your mind, it’s the right time. I’m ready.





She also has advice for people struggling with readiness. Kisses advises identifying what is holding you back.


You have to know what’s holding you back. Is it fear? If it’s fear then you have to go for it. If fear is what’s holding you back then you need to take that power off. Take that power away from that fear.



Through all of these, Kisses Delavin still has things to say for people who feel like they’re not ready at all.


If yun talaga yung gusto mong gawin in your life, just go for it. Kasi there’s never a right time eh. Kasi parang yung buhay is just a one take.

Unlike sa mga teleserye na may take 2, in life there’s no such thing.


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