Know Your Way to the Curly Girl Method

Throw away your brush and flat irons!
by Alliah Delgado

Calling all the curly girls out there! I know you have been struggling to maintain your curly hair. It feels exhausting and I know that every day seems like a bad hair day. You probably already used all types of shampoo, conditioner, and treatments available. You’re even hoping it will change the type of hair you have.


Letting your hair down would sometimes look like a symbol of defeat. Girl, worry not! Start loving your beautiful curls with this easy Curly Girl Method.


First, you should have a better understanding of your hair. You need to know what type of curls you have.



This determines the openness of your hair cuticles. This affects how your hair absorbs moisture. High Porosity is the type that is easily damaged because of its wide-open cuticles. This also absorbs and loses moisture quickly. If you belong to this kind, you most likely need high moisturizing products to hydrate your hair.


To those you have medium porosity, your cuticles are slightly open and it takes and keeps the nutrients in. Good news for this type, you can use any type of hair product.


For low porosity, your cuticles are tightly closed causing your hair to lie flat. This kind takes a long time to wet and cause much energy to dry. What you need to do with these is to not use heavy products for it to stay there for a while. It might cause damage in the long run.





See if you have a wavy, curly or kinky.


Curl pattern





Brushing your hair is a big no. This will kill the volume of your hair and it will just leave you with fringe. Instead, scrunch your curls. Press and Squish from the bottom of your hair to the top.  Also, you should avoid frequent showering of hair with shampoo and too much exposure to heat.


Silicone, water-insoluble ingredients, sulfates, and drying alcohol which was commonly used for the majority of hair care products are not curly-friendly. These ingredients will just do damage to you. If you are having a hard time checking the back of the products, analyzes and checks if it’s Curly-friendly.





I know this is much to do and so much to know but as you put down your flat iron and brush and decide to take a different path on taking care of your crowning glory, you’ll start loving your curly hair.


To know more about Curly Girl Method visit Curly Girls Philippines: Community for the Curly Girl Method This is a Facebook group dedicated to curly girls in the Philippines. 

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