Korean BBQ is

Korean Barbecue Is Manila’s Biggest Food Trend

Television isn't the only thing experiencing a Korean takeover.

by STAIL Team

Metro Manila truly is a melting pot of influences from different cultures. We easily accept and receive new trends and influences from across the globe. The latest addition? Korean barbecue.

This isn’t the first time Manila has been exposed to Korean barbecue. Restaurants like Kaya in Poblacion, Makati, or Sariwon in Promenade, Greenhills, have been around for a while now. Recently, there has been a surge of new Korean barbecue restaurants popping up. It’s an increasingly popular trend that many are capitalizing on–not that anyone is complaining.

Let’s explore the roots of this trend to figure out how and why Korean barbecue has exploded in popularity almost overnight.

One of our must-tries is Wagyu Chadolbagi – quality meat with good marbling. It is recommended that you don't overcook…

Posted by The Samgyupsal – Maria Orosa on Saturday, August 12, 2017

Korean Culture

It’s hard to deny the popularity of Korean culture in the Philippines. Popular culture is saturated with the images of everyone’s favorite Korean stars–television, fashion, and even music. All have been infused with these influences. Included here is the food we eat–basically, Korean is in. 

EXORDIUM in Manila. Photo from HelloKpop.

EXORDIUM in Manila. Photo from HelloKpop.


Another reason why Korean barbecue is so on trend right now is the fact that it’s affordable. The ever-popular Samgyeopsal (pork belly) restaurants that are everywhere right now prove this. You can’t deny the package offered by these restaurants–unlimited ulam and rice.

Our unlimited meat is incomparable to other "unli-samgyupsals" out there. Sinsun samgyupsal is high-quality, non-frozen,…

Posted by The Samgyupsal – Maria Orosa on Friday, May 11, 2018

It’s Good

Taste is important when it comes to food, and Korean barbecue does not disappoint. Korean barbecue is great because you usually flavor your meat yourself by adding your own sauce. The interactive cooking adds to the total sensory experience. Hear it sizzle and eat it.

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