Why You Should Visit These Three Libraries (Besides To Borrow Books)

Here's your reason to go to Germany and Ireland. 
by Mintzy Flor

Hey, bookworms: Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and still haven’t found the right book to read? Visited your city library but the choices just won’t do? Stayed long enough in the book store that the saleslady keeps giving you weird looks? Get your book fix at these incredible libraries around the world:

Wiblingen Abbey Library (Ulm, Germany)


Perhaps the only thing more stunning than a shelf filled with books is this library’s beautiful architecture. The two-story library features a higher-than-high roof,  a dome ceiling with intricate paintings by Franz Martin Kuen, gold accents, and columns and statues made of wood but painted to look like marble! Over 15,000 books are found in this library.

Trinity College Old Library (Dublin, Ireland)


Just like wine, books get better with age. Yes, the scent of new books is addicting, but have you ever held a first-edition book in your hand? It’s quite life-changing, just like this library, which is home to the 9th-century gospel manuscript the Book of Kells. With 200,000 books on its shelves, Trinity College Old Library is a sight to behold. Some are even calling it a Harry Potter Library.

Liyuan Library (Beijing, China)


Asia has one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Located in Jiaojiehe Village, just two hours away by car from Beijing, China, this library is found in a landscape of mountains and lush trees. Sticks for firewood are used to cover the glass walls. Inside, the wood floors, steps, and shelves lend a quiet and contemplative atmosphere, attracting many tourists and bookworms each year.

But maybe only go there once the Corona Virus has been eradicated.

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