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Yes to chicken wings!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Chicken wings franchises are now among the hottest in the business industry. Storefronts and kiosks are all around but Master Buffalo is not just another chicken wings chain. Serving mouthwatering and affordable chicken wings are just some of their specialties that you’ll totally want to avail. If you’re looking for a flavorful experience, then you’ve come to the right page.




How it all started


Venturing in this line of business is not easy for everyone – especially for Kervin and Dhina Sevilla. They started from scratch while they were still young. They were newlyweds and just moved out of their parents’ places. While still in college, they tried to start a small food business until they’d come up with a better idea – sell chicken wings.





Yung husband ko nakaisip na buffallo wings yung ilalagay namin. – Dhina



Dhina shared that they didn’t have much to start the business. They didn’t have the place nor manpower, but their friends were great blessings to them. Through their friends, they were able to find the perfect place and recipe for their dream chicken wings restaurant.



“Kasi yung friend niya na chef tinuruan siya ng sauce ng Master Buffalo. So that time na niluluto namin, masarap! so naisip ng husband ko na gawing business yun. Iyon na naging pinakasignature sauce namin. Pero di namin alam kung pano namin imamarket, kung papatok ba siya. Kasi kung sinabi mong wings mahal eh,” shared Dhina. Both of them had doubts and hesitations but they still persevered.









Their initial target customers were students around their area. “That’s why, mababa kami. Nagstart kami na ang price namin ay 28 pesos with rice. Ang mga first customers namin ay mga highscool students. Nung first day namin, amazing talaga. Maswerte ka na pag may kumain na sampu.”








Kervin was the one who thought of the restaurant’s name. Both of them opted for a simpler design but made sure it’s Instagrammable. Dhina added, “Canteen lang talaga kami. Kung kami ay tao na gusto lang kumita, tataasan lang presyo at hindi kami magpapaayos. Kaso parang gusto ko na pag kumain ako sa isang lugar, maganda yung ambience at na gusto ko magpapicture-picture. Kaya ayun, inayos namin. Kumuha kami ng inspirations sa pinterest, nagsearch kami. Unti unti, inayos namin.”







The store started with just one signature flavor. If you’re on the hunt for a tasty one, then you should try their classic sweet and spicy. Trust me, it doesn’t disappoint.






Visit Master Buffalo




They currently have two branches located at Nadelco Street and Pup Condotel, Manila. Check out their menu above and get ready for a flavorful experience!

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