Lucky Colors You Should Wear This 2020 Chinese New Year

Let's hope these colors actualy make your style better this year.
by Ian Vill

It’s 2020! Not just a new year, but also an entirely new decade. The 2010s was a wild ride, and if we want to start this decade right, we better start it with as much luck as we can get. The most common beliefs of success here in the East stem from feng shui and the Chinese Zodiac. Although the year has started, the Chinese New Year is still fast approaching. Here we’ll tell you about the lucky colors you should definitely be wearing and styling together for all that feng shui fortune. 


Primary Lucky Colors

This is the Year of the Rat, but not just any ordinary rat. In feng shui, there are five main elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal. This year we have the radical Metal Rat.

It’s been driving people crazy. What colors are the dress? Is it blue with black lace? Or white with gold lace? You see one or the other, and you probably can’t believe anyone else would see anything different. Each person is certain that his or her perception is correct. So what’s going on?

In Chinese beliefs and culture, metal represents a strong sense of tightness and strength. It is the element of community, durability, and resistance. Metal’s primary colors in feng shui are white, grey, and gold. These colors will prove to be very lucky this year.  Combine this with the unique element of the Rat, water, and we get the color blue and black. This is very fortunate for all the arts, design, and fashion lovers because this is also Pantone’s Color of the Year.



Supporting Colors

In Chinese beliefs, some colors fill in the gaps that are missing between the elements. Since the main elements of the year Metal and Water, it is important to balance things out throughout the year. The missing elements are Wood, Fire, and Earth. With this in mind, it should be useful to use colors related to them as highlights and support for the primary colors of the year.

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Photo from Tree of Color


The complementary colors of the year, according to feng shui masters, are green, yellow, and red. Feel free to use them in colors for your accessories to highlight your blue, gold, or white attires.

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