Minimalist And Eccentric: ANABEZA Espouses Avant-Garde Fashion

by Jove Moya

There’s no denying that designer brand ANABEZA is anything but typical.

What started as a thesis project in college for Khirsten Anabeza is now a fashion brand that has been featured in glossy magazines and daily broadsheets. ANABEZA, which started just last year, is minimalist and eccentric all at once.

Khirsten tells STAIL.PH how she came upon the idea of combining two fashion schools of thought.

Image courtesy of Vermeer Crisostomo

“ANABEZA is something I have been planning to put up since I took the fashion design program in De La Salle College of St. Benilde. After being mentored by my professors and some of the most celebrated people in the fashion industry, I developed ANABEZA from a simple school requirement to a brand that represents who I am as an artist,” she says.


Made up of cotton twill and wool, Khirsten’s debut collection was first seen on the runway of the 2018 Sinulid Fashion Show, an event that showcases the works of the program’s graduating students.

According to the young designer, one of the hardest parts about making her clothes is fabric sourcing. “I personally visit Azcarraga Market, Ilaya, 999 Mall, and Taytay to look for materials. When I draft my patterns, it’s by trial and error. The process is difficult and really requires a lot of my time, patience, and energy. However, it’s also fulfilling knowing that I am also learning about myself and my brand,” Khirsten says.

Among ANABEZA’s many advocacies is empowering men and women through art. “ANABEZA is all about embodying unique aesthetic features to highlight the modern interpretation of femininity and masculinity. I make sure that everyone who wears my brand will stand out because they’re wearing something out of the ordinary,” Khirsten says.

In 10 years, Khirsten hopes to have a successful company that will provide career opportunities to people interested in designing and pattern-making.


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