Netflix’s Irreplaceable You should be on your list of must-watch movies

A cancer movie that’s not just about cancer

by Team

by STAIL Team

“All the ‘what ifs’ you’re missing out on the what is.”

Pain demands to be felt. This is what Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars taught us. On the off chance you have a penchant for tear-jerkers and don’t have anything planned tonight, try watching Irreplaceable You on Netflix to feel how demanding pain can be.

Okay, okay. After-school-or-work nights aren’t supposed to be spent watching a sad movie. The thing about Irreplaceable You is that it’s not all about the woeful days that come with having cancer.

It’s the story of Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the months leading to her inevitable death. The charm of the movie comes from the way it portrays the ugly realities that people with terminal illnesses have to go through. Think of it as the five stages of grief from the point of view of someone who is actually dying.

You’d think this movie would revolve around Abbie planning the life of her fiancé Sam (Michiel Huisman) after she dies. It’s more about her own journey, not on their romance. It’s about how she slowly copes with the reality of her impending death, and how she accepts the fact that she can no longer control the lives of the people she’s leaving behind.

Simply put, if you’re in need of a good cry and a reminder of true love, this movie is for you. And watch out for the post-credit scenes; they’ll make you smile while you’re still ugly crying.


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