No Equipment Indoor Bum Workouts You Should Try

Work your ass out
by Alliah Delgado

There’s no excuse not to sweat out in this quarantine szn. Days like these are the perfect time to exercise! Be mindful of social distancing from the fridge, your bed, or even that oh so comfy couch. After work, you probably have chores to do and a precious “me” time might be nonexistent.

Your lower back will surely be tired and your butt could be flat from sitting for hours and hours. However, here are some bum workouts you can do without exerting too much force.  You don’t need to go to the gym nor even use the equipment. All you need is a little extra time, a small space, and a bottle of water.





Lay your back flat, bend one knee and foot on the floor. While the other leg should be extended 90 degrees high. Every exhale, left your hip to the ceiling and squeeze your bum.  Switch with the other leg and repeat. Do this for 30 seconds.




Start with your palms on the floor aligned to your shoulders. Knees and hip are a width apart. Then, point your right toe and lift the ceiling as high as you can. Do it in an up and down manner. Repeat on the other leg.




After doing the rainbow, begin in a plank position. Both palms are on the floor and are aligned to your shoulders. Stretch both legs width apart then lift your body from head to toe. Slowly lift your right leg with bended knees then raise your heels to the ceiling. Slowly pull it down. Time your exhales during lifts. Do the same on the other leg.





Finish with Clams. Lay on your side. Bent your legs, begin by moving your hips 45 degrees angle and your knee in 90 degrees. Make sure your feet are close together while doing the routine. Pause, squeeze your bum, and exhale every time your knee reaches the top. Repeat on the other side.


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