The Party Guide You Need Right Now!

Just when you thought you had it easy

by   DYN

Model: Isabela Galeria of Farah Models
Hair and Makeup: Ida Siasoco
by STAIL Team


Every party is an opportunity to dress up and sis, I’ve got you covered. Anxiety from what outfit to wear or what kind of look you’re going for comes from one of two things. Either you have so many options–or none at all.

Having too many things to wear sound so cool and enticing that almost every fashionista girl out there would want to have this kind of problem (myself included). But in reality, it’s not actually that easy at all. When you too many looks to choose from,  this can sometimes (if not all the time) steer you away from how you’re supposed to dress in an event. Lucky you if a theme has already been provided; nonetheless, you can still get stressed if you have lots of looks in your arsenal.

On the flip side, not having a single option is just…oooh, you’re in danger, gooorl.


Mama, don’t fret! If there’s anything I take seriously, it’s how to serve sickening looks.

Who: You have to know who you are and who you’re wearing. A lot of people out there (and this is a message to everyone, so listen up) take this idea so lightly and even cringe at the thought of it ’cause it sounds so vain. But seriously, guys, you need to know who you are and what style best represents you. Understand your body, know your edge, be aware of what you have and what you don’t have.

Now, this is the part where you need to know who you’re wearing. ‘Cause there are brands and labels that are actually focused on a specific aesthetic or body type. Uniqlo, for example, is known for its minimalist aesthetics and clean lines. Forever 21 and H&M are the queens of street style in fast fashion and these brands have plus sizes for the curvy girls. Whether you choose fast fashion or designer clothes, you have to know who you’re wearing! Instagram is key, sis.


What: What time is your event? Now, this is easy, you should say (wink, wink). Unless you’re the most basic of party girls, you should be aware by now that a day look is miles away from a night look. Sis, you can’t be wearing Paris Hilton’s 21st Birthday Dress walking around town at 12 noon (unless it’s a walk of shame, then you’re excused). I personally suggest you keep a tame look during the day and let your wild side happen after 6 pm. Ultimately, knowing the time of your event is an edge, ’cause it tells you what to hide and what to showcase and accentuate–aside from your personality, of course!


Where: Know your location! And I’m only gonna say this once and this is why it matters. You can’t wear sweaters on the beach! Girl, you know the rest.


Go out there, ladies, and slay the world! Rock every party you go to and be aware. In case you forget, It’s WHO, WHAT and WHERE. You’re welcome!





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