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Places To Bring Your Partner In Manila This Valentine’s Day

Romantic tripping.
by Ian Vill

Planning for a special date on Valentine’s day could be quite difficult. The place and ambiance of the location is important in setting the mood for the night. Thankfully, we’re here to give you some tips on where to go.


Chill Cafes

Chill vibes and ambient noises set the tone for a nice and long get-to-know session. It’s just you and him sitting in front of one another or right beside each other, digging deeper into each other’s minds and hearts. This kind of cafe also sets the mood. If you like an artsy dim-lit environment where you can geek out about your own artistic interests, then we have a place for you.

Places to visit:

Van Gogh Is Bipolar




Black Scoop Cafe

valentines day



Explore the oldest Chinatown in the world right here in your very own city, Manila. It’s a great place for photoshoots for Instagram-loving couples. Almost every corner and alley is IG-worthy and will send you back in time to the 19-kopong-kopongs. (19-whatevers, for you non-Filipino speakers.)

Places to visit:

Eng Bee Tin


San Guo La Mien


Unless you’re a professional athlete training as an archer, we can all assume archery isn’t on the list of daily activities you do. If you haven’t done archery before, it’s a perfect opportunity to have a “First Time” moment together. It’s a perfect opportunity to shoot Cupid’s love arrow straight to your partner’s heart (Disclaimer: Please do not actually shoot your partner with an arrow.)

Places to visit:

DMZ Archery Range




Arrowland Archery by Gandiva


Food Parks

Couples spend a good deal talking about where to eat, always being unsure where to go. Thankfully, there are food parks that offer a variety of dishes for every taste. It’s a great thing to do right after a whole Valentine’s day of excitement with your partner.

Places to visit:

Streat Maginhawa Food Park



valentines day


Le Village Lifestyle Food Park

valentines day


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