Shaira Luna: The What Ifs Of A Child Genius

She chose a path no one, not even herself, expected.
by Ian Vill

Many of you might be familiar with her already. She is Shaira Luna, known as one of the “Promil Gifted Children” of the 90s who represented children’s astounding intellect. A genius with a dentist mother, everyone expected her to go into the medical field to become a doctor, and yet she chose a path no one, not even herself, expected.


Photography, A Chosen Passion


Shaira grew up in a world where every little thing she did was recorded and documented since the day she was born. Her mother always had a camera ready to capture another shot for their dozens of albums at home. Sick of constantly being in front of the lens, she decided to be behind it.


Photography was never her first option, not even second. It wasn’t a choice she considered when she entered the University at the age of 13. After switching courses a few times from medical to music, she finally decided to drop out of College 3 years later. 


Somehow, photography ended up on her lap. It was a fun hobby taking photos at gigs. It was never something she was passionate about at first. She just shot casually, until she got called in for more and more work. Photography challenged her creativity, and it eventually grew on her. 


“I was just shooting for fun and then you slowly fall in love with it and then it makes you cry and then it makes you sad. It makes you frustrated like ‘What am I doing?’ and then you fall in love with it because you keep looking for it. It’s like you can’t breathe without shooting. It really built up over time. Like how is it your passion when you haven’t labored for it?”

Shaira Luna’s What If


As a genius, she had the world in her grasp. Everyone had their expectations about her and her future. Everyone made 10-year plans and 5-year plans for young Shaira Luna. She had every option possible in front of her, but those just weren’t what she wanted. 


With this in mind, we just had to ask her the what-if question. What if she chose another path?


“I feel like if I chose the path everyone expected me to go on, I would be a very affected person. I don’t think that’s my calling. I’ve lost all interest in science so I’ve never dwelled in the thought of ‘What if I became a doctor?’ It’s just what’s here now.”

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