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by STAIL Team

The art of turning paper into something more attractive and useful is not an easy thing to do. Lucky for us, there are Papemelroti stalls just around the corners of our favorite malls. For this day’s STAIL Editor picks, we will feature a bunch of artsy and affordable crafts from Papemelroti.



Established in 1967, Papemelroti is a family business by the Alejandros. Family matriarch Corit Alejandro set up the brand’s first stall along Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.


Their first customers would ring a bell and enter the store to look for figurines and papers products.



Corit had always been fascinated with used objects. The hardworking matriarch had the talent to turn scrap into artsy objects. She first made piggy banks made up of children’s bottles, and stuffed toys made up of used fabrics.


Corit’s children, Patsy, Peggy, Meldy, Robert, and Tina collaborated with Papemelroti and produced more wonderful items made with paper.



When the business grew, Papemelroti started retailing items like mugs, bags, pins, and more.


In an interview with Rappler, Papemelroti’s chief operating officer, Patricia “Patsy” Paterno recalls how Corit made the business prosper. “What she  earned, she would use to buy things like dolls in Divisoria to make dresses for. Eventually, when there were more customers, my dad would buy samples from abroad like Füger glass and miniature Artimpex animals and Christmas decor.”



The business continues to inspire people through its quality items with uplifting messages and themes.


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Below are some of STAIL.PH’s personal Papemelroti favorites!


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