STAIL Fashion Photo Review: The Guys Who Slayed The House Down During The 2019 AMAs

Nothing too crazy, right?
by Ian Vill

The category is The 2019 AMAs. We stand for the music and talents celebrated today, but more than that, you know we love a good fashion moment. And we are here to break it all down. This is #STAILReviews male edition! Wanna see what the ladies got in store? Take a look here.


Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes wore a purple Paul Smith bespoke suit to the AMAs, looking like a four-course meal. He would have looked like the Joker if it wasn’t for that sweet smile. And of course, the chest of it all.




Diplo brings the cowboy vibe with an MCM suit. Loving the subtle black leather underneath that brown suit.


Billy Porter

Billy Porter dons this unique ensemble. Everything seems very triangular but still elegant. That headpiece sort of looks like cheese, though. People with trypophobia will also not enjoy looking at it.


Lil Nas

Lil Nas came in wearing a neon green suit. Matched with a green animal print turtle neck complete with matching gloves. I am gagging over this look right here. I can almost taste it.


Post Malone

Post Malone is looking very Post Malone in his get up. I mean, his hat even has his name written on it. Everything fits together in an immaculate black and white plaid ensemble. It fits well with his tattoos.


Patrick Starr

The makeup guru and YouTuber Patrick Starr came in dazzling top-to-toe gold. Shining for the gods!



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