STAIL Insider: Jasmine Curtis-Smith — All Tea, All Shade

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is a STAIL Icon because she’s aware and stands for her truth. She values her flaws and won’t compromise her identity for anything.

by   DYN

by STAIL Team

I don’t want to start writing about Jasmine Curtis-Smith using all adjectives. I want to keep things raw and unjaded. Jasmine’s truthfulness and genuine character are so impressive that I can finish this article by quoting every single thing she said. For showbiz royalty like her to take on cameo and supporting roles she’s passionate about (like her award-winning turn in the coming-of-age lesbian film Baka Bukas and her role as a young nun in the horror flick Maledicto), Jasmine shows pure dedication to her craft and art. The girl is clearly not just sitting on pretty.

Entering the room wearing jeans and an oversized parka, she’s just as human as the rest of us.

With coffee on one hand and a sandwich on the other, Jasmine doesn’t bat an eyelash when she’s asked to get started. A couple of minutes later, she’s having her makeup done and answering interview questions.

I ask Jasmine about her fashion influences, and almost instantly she says, “When it comes to the quirky side of things, I like to look at people like Zooey Deschanel. ‘Cause it’s cute, it’s youthful, and it’s fresh. It’s got that cute campiness to it that you like to look at and appreciate. It’s almost like watching play school.”

“But then at the same time I like looking at the edginess and the toughness of Zoey Kravitz’s style,” she adds. Does she wish she could project the same vibe as Zoey? “Sana,” she says. “But you always have to keep in mind where you’re working, who you’re working for, and who your audience is. So pitek-pitek lang minsan ‘yung mga ganung style icon na Zoey Kravitz.”

While Jasmine looks up to these Hollywood stars for fashion inspiration, others look up to her not just as an actress drawn to unconventional roles and offbeat projects but as a person who chooses to be unencumbered by people’s expectations.

“All the kids growing up, trying to figure out what they should do and the path they should take amidst all the voices that are shouting at them,” she says with passion in her eyes when asked who she thinks she represents. “We’re in this age and era when everyone’s free and entitled to their own opinion. It’s always been the case but in terms of the decency and the right place to share it or the right manner of sharing it, nawawala na minsan. And we tend to override these young ones who are just trying to be eager about their lives. I feel like it’s the biggest representation that I’ve brought to the table in the industry, the kids who feel so frustrated trying to figure out their own identity. But they’ll find their way in the end.”

In between laughs, she adds, “Nahanap ko naman, so ‘di ba, INSPERASYON!”

The more I learn about Jasmine, the more I fall in love with her. I have been in the industry for a reasonable amount of time to know the real tea about local show business. I know when I see truth and when someone gives me carefully guarded opinions.

This moment with Jasmine I know is for real.

“What do you want to see in the fashion industry right now? What do you think about the industry’s diversity and inclusivity?” I ask her.

Jasmine replies, “The diversity factor of fashion, wherein hindi lang siya about the style but rather the physical representation of people; not just slim or heavy, but also dark skin, morena skin. Let’s also be mindful and not put all the heavy weight and shame on Caucasians who are also just trying to make it out there. There may be more of them as well but we’re all struggling to make it.”

“Let’s just be more inclusive and mindful,” she declares. “I think that’s what I want to see, the mindfulness of diversity and not forgetting where it’s all rooted from and why there’s a problem also, so we can keep fixing it and influencing others.” From a girl who appears to have the least of the world’s problems, Jasmine proves that nothing exempts you from life. As much as you want to believe that these celebrities sit on luxe and glamour, the truth is they’re just like you and me. People trying to live their lives the best way they can.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is a STAIL Icon because she’s aware and stands for her truth. She values her flaws and won’t compromise her identity for anything.

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