STAIL Recommends: Kera & Co Accessories

Fun. Colorful. Sassy. Meet Kera & Co.
by STAIL Team

Accessories can make or break a look. They are the final touches to complete your outfit: a little emerald ring can turn your basic dress into an elegant ensemble, and a pair of vibrant-colored tassel earrings can give extra oomph to an otherwise bland outfit. For the girls of Kera & Co, it’s all about finding the right balance between exciting and classy, or the perfect mix of dainty and sassy.



With thousands of Instagram followers and a strong brand identity, Kera & Co., much to our surprise, started on a whim. The duo behind the brand, Katrina and Aira, have been looking for the perfect accessories to fit their style but always ended up empty-handed. They decided to take matters into their own hands, and Kera & Co was born.


We talked to Katrina and Aira of Kera & Co to talk about the inspirations behind their designs, their experiences as a start-up, and their future plans.


Who is Kera & Co?

Kera & Co is an accessories and lifestyle brand catered to fun-loving millennials and young professionals.



What materials do you usually use in your earrings? How do you produce them?


We use a lot of different materials. When we started, we were selling tassel earrings. At that time, it was just gaining traction in the market and then it became too popular. We wanted to be different and bring something new to the table, so we moved on and searched for other materials. That’s when we discovered acrylic and resin.


Most of our earrings now are made up of these materials. Some of our designs incorporate wood and metals. We love acrylic because it’s very flexible. You can literally make anything out of it, into any color, shape, or size.


We were very fortunate because at that time we wanted to move on with tassels, we were able to find a supplier who could produce quality handmade acrylic accessories.



A lot of your designs are geometric and dainty. Where do you usually draw inspiration in creating these designs?



We research a lot about trends online. We also get inspiration from our personal travels here and abroad. Our style is more on the minimalist and classic side. While we want our earrings to be fun, colorful, and exciting, we make sure that it’s the right balance between being able to personify the brand and being able to provide a product that our customers can use in their day- to-day lives.



What’s the hardest thing about being a start-up brand? The best thing?


The hardest thing is building a solid customer base. As a start-up, most of our purchases come from first-time buyers so the goal is to always ensure that every process will run as smoothly as possible from order creation to packaging and shipping. If customers like the product and the experience of buying at Kera & Co, they will most likely buy again in the future and inform their friends and family about us, so that’s our main goal and challenge at this point as we are growing the business.


The best thing is the flexibility of it. While we stay true to our brand identity, we let our creativity fly in terms of introducing new product lines and exploring different art direction, color palettes, etc. There is still a lot of trial and error going on and we are still learning the process but we think that this is the exciting part. That is being able to refine the brand to be better and bigger as time goes.

What are your future plans for Kera & Co?

We launched our product line of planners, notebooks, and desk items. And we also introduced new hair accessories and bags. We have other plans that are still under wraps that we cannot share yet. But one thing’s for sure, Kera & Co will be here for the years to come.


For latest updates from Kera & Co, visit their website and follow them on Instagram @keraandco

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