Here’s The Must-Have Accessory You Need If You’re Obsessed With The Holidays

This '90s fashion accessory is a STAIL Must Have!
by STAIL Team

It’s no news that the comeback of ‘90s fashion is taking the internet by storm: plaid co-ords are back, chunky “ugly” dad shoes are cool again, and neon is just everywhere. In the midst of all the fuss of this iconic comeback, we’re zooming in on one bit of accessory that we think should be a staple for every fashion girl. And no, we’re not talking about wide-legged pants (although those are cool too!). We’re talking about hoop earrings.



If you’re looking to upgrade your daily outfits with just this simple accessory, but can’t find it the perfect OOTD inspo, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite hoop earrings- all the sizes, shapes and colors, plus the perfect outfit for it!



Go classic with some golden hoops


Some golden hoop earrings are all that you’ll need if you want to upgrade your casual look. Take a page from Rihanna’s book and pick something with a few details for extra oomph!




The bigger, the better


Take that statement pice to a different level by opting for oversized hoops, just like Zendaya!



zendaya hoop earrings




Layers, layer, layer

It’s not just clothes that you can layer! Pick a pair of hoop earrings with multiple rings for that sexy boho look.





Go for prints


Newer methods for accessory making have led to more innovative and creative designs. Nowadays, the resin can be used to make earrings, which means having more colors to choose from, more fun!


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