STAIL RESURGENCE: Iconic Pieces From The Past Are In The Here And Now, And They’re Back In A Major Way

'Cause what's better than one – 3 sickening looks henny!
by STAIL Team

For Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s cover story, we took the styling back to the most iconic years in fashion—further back than Sex and the City 2, believe it or not! We are serving you quintessential pieces from the past—with major plot twists. We have the good old Hollywood glam of Alexis Carrington of Dynasty realness and Marlene Dietrich-inspired skinny brows and gloves. ‘Cause why have one, when you can have three sickening looks that pay homage to the past while celebrating the present.

“Movie Star”

Finger waves and opera-length gloves

Dreamy and dainty Jasmine got double D in straight ace. She looks immaculate in a custom Maliché gown gilded to perfection in rose gold embellishment—STUNNING! The opera-length gloves are back, ladies, and yes, they are now officially “a thing.” Depends on your taste but here we decided to match the gown to create a tonal effect. Complete with big hair in soft finger waves, Jasmine personifies “Movie Star”—which is exactly what she is.

“Low-key Opulence”

Puffed sleeves and turban headband

This look is a nod to the iconic American TV series Dynasty. She is serving you opulence, henny, like she owns everything. Jasmine wears a pantsuit masterfully crafted by Yong Davalos, in bucolic hues to set the mood. Puffed shoulders and a plunging neckline strike the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity in a traditional suit. The look is completed with vintage drop earrings, bright pink finger gloves, and a hand-painted turban headband.

“Who is She?”

Bell sleeves and baby bangs

Jasmine channels her alter ego in clothes that bring out character. Embracing her skinny brows and baby bangs in a tousled bob, Jasmine proves her versatility in pulling off the most unlikely of looks. Dressed in a sublime Yong Davalos creation made with astonishing sartorial dexterity Jasmine looks nothing short of an eccentric beauty. A dress with floral appliqués in glittery gold accent is a modern take on a classic silhouette. Styled with matching gloves and whimsical earrings stoned for the gods, is this look visually powerful? Yes! Is it stunning? Absolutely!

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