Step Up Your Male Vampire Costume

Really just another Holloween costume ideas that are not only Dracula
by Ian Vill

It’s almost a must to see someone with a vampire costume on Halloween. There could be ten people in one party dressed up as count Dracula. Count Dracula? He’s iconic, sure. But he’s also really becoming overrated and basic. 


If you still want to dress up as a vampire, though, here are some costume ideas that are not just Dracula.



This may be new to some of you. Hellsing is one of anime’s most underrated anime. Dress up as its main protagonist, Alucard. This is one of the most fashionable vampire costumes you could ever rock. Just look at that coat and hat! Even the guns are stylish. Oh, fun fact: Dracula spelled backward is Alucard.

alucard hellsing vampire costumealucard hellsing


If you’ve ever encountered the Castlevania video game series, then you will know this is another fashionable get up. Be the son of Dracula and Vampire Prince this Halloween. The Alucards sure are fashionable. I mean, even his sword is stylish as hell. 

alucard castlevania vampire costume

Photo Credit: Elysium-Sans via Deviant Art


alucard castlevania

Photo Credit: KurosakiSasori-kun via Deviant Art



Not all vampires are pale and white. You can still be a thirsty bloodsucker with darker skin. Take out your sharp edges and become Blade, our friendly neighborhood vampire hunter. Yes, he’s a vampire. Yes, he kills other vampires. 

blade costume



Another famous vampire get up is our bald friend, Nosferatu. Now, this is a terrifying vampire. Unlike the others who are usually fashionable and dashing, Nosferatu embodies true horror.



If you watch adventure time, then you would probably know Marceline the Vampire. In an alternate universe, she has a male version named Marshall Lee. This is one of the more comfortable costumes on this list. A very casual look with a red plaid top, denim jeans, and a custom ax guitar. The ax guitar might take some time to craft, but all you need is cardboard and a bit of time.

marshall lee vampire costumemarshall lee


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